#CryptoLife Status Hackathon

October 26 - 29, 2018 – National House Smichov
Check out the website here for all Hackathon updates and information.

Accomodation for non-core team, here are some hotels near the Hackathon venue:

  • Mamaison Riverside Hotel Prague
  • Anette Hotel
  • Dancing House Hotel
  • La Ballerina
  • Hotel Arbes
  • Lidická Apartments
  • Prague Holiday Apartments
  • Hotel Augustus
  • Best Western City Hotel Moran
  • Andel's by Vienna House Prague

The Status Core Team will be staying at the Corinthia Hotel Prague. Here are some hotels near there:

  • Vysehrad Residence Hotel
  • Délicatesse Bistro Esprit
  • Holiday Inn : Prague Congress Centre

Status All Team get Together

Monday October 29, 2018 - Corinthia Hotel Prague

Core team: Tips for booking transportation:

  • Please make sure you get your travel bookings entered into the planning doc, under Rooming List - Core Contributor by October 1st!
  • Hotel rooms are already booked. Add your full name, check in/out dates into this doc under Rooming List - Core. There are limited number of rooms from Tuesday 29 October - Friday 2 November already booked. If you wish to stay the entire week, please indicate in the check out column that you wish to stay until Friday. The rooms will be first come first served. If we run out, we will find other accommodation options.
  • Please see tab in planning doc for pricing guidelines. Please try and keep your transport with in the ranges based on your region. If prices are over or you need help, feel free to ping #PeopleOps
  • If you are staying for DevCon/Offsite/Using the venue space during the week, please indicate how many days you are staying passed Tuesday.

Team Offsites

It is highly encouraged that your team holds a team offsite while in Prague. Feel free to use the Hackathon venue ( National House Smichov) on Tuesday October 30

Rest of the week

DevCon Tuesday October 30 - Friday November 2: Prague Congress Center

We will keep the Hackathon venue open until Friday November 2, for those who want to stick around.