Status App Introduces Integration with Keycard – the Contactless Hardware Wallet

People can now tap Keycard against their phones to authorize app transactions, login, and store cryptocurrency with the Status Mobile App.

Zug, Switzerland – June 23, 2020 –  The Status Network, a blockchain infrastructure builder that builds tools for resilient communities, has released version 1.4 of its flagship consumer mobile application, Status App, which functions as a secure mobile messaging application, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser (*Android only for now). Starting with Android devices, this update will integrate the application with Keycard, an open-source, secure, contactless hardware wallet also built by the Status Network that lets people store their private keys offline and tap the device against their phone to authorize transactions and two factor authentication for logins.

Guy-Louis, Product Manager of Keycard said

“While cryptocurrency products can give people more control, they often come with their own set of risks. Keycard’s first integration with the Status app is thus an important industry milestone when it comes to risk mitigation. As a project with an open source API, we believe the Keycard model will be an industry standard for all sorts of products that expect normal people to interact directly with their cryptocurrency. Tapping a Keycard against your phone as an added layer of authorization and ownership of your private keys should be the norm anytime someone wants to login, send money, store value and more.”

Launching in the App and Play Store earlier this year, the Status App removes the prying eyes of centralized third parties when it comes to sending private messages and enables true autonomy in sending and storing cryptocurrency, and interacting with decentralized applications. While Status App increases a user’s autonomy over their communications and financial transactions, the removal of third parties also comes with the loss of normal insurance mechanisms and fraud protections. Without these services, people are now totally responsible for themselves. Keycard is an added layer of security to operate autonomously.

Keycard is a secure hardware wallet designed to safely store private keys offline. It is built with NFC technology and a familiar, credit card-like design for a simple, contactless experience. The Keycard team have also developed an open source API for integrations with other dapps, crypto wallets, and hardware.

The Keycard hardware wallet provides an additional layer of security to Status with 2 primary features:

  1. Cold Storage and hardware enforced authorization of transactions - With private keys stored offline on the Keycard and full isolation between keys and the smartphone, users can add hardware-enforced authorizations for all transactions.
  2. Two-factor authentication for account login - Keycard can be used as a two-factor authentication method to log into a Status Account. Users can require a physical tap of the card to their smartphone plus personal PIN entry for greater account security.

To download the Status App for free, visit the Google Play or the App Store. To purchase a Keycard for €29, visit Developers looking to integrate Keycard with their projects or even produce branded keycards, visit

About The Status Network

The Status Network is a globally distributed collective working to build products, tools and infrastructure for resilient, sustainable and inclusive communities:

  • At the product layer, the Network includes Status App for communication, Keycard for an open payment network, and decentralized financial tools including Assemble.
  • At the developer tools layer, the Network supports Embark and Subspace to help developers build decentralized applications.
  • At the infrastructure layer, The Status Network supports Vac, an R&D initiative creating a modular, peer-to-peer messaging stack for private, secure, censorship-resistant communication. It also includes Nimbus, which focuses on lightweight Ethereum2.0 clients for mobile phones and resource-restricted devices.

The Status Network team is working to combat financial and political oppression using blockchain and other emerging technologies.

About Keycard

Keycard is a new type of smartcard and an open API for simple integration with crypto wallets and hardware.

The smartcard is a secure, contactless, hardware wallet built with NFC technology for a simple, contactless experience. It is designed to add the security of a hardware wallet with the convenience of a credit card. The open source API and SDK’s enable web3 developers to integrate Keycard with their crypto wallets, decentralized applications, and even hardware devices. Integration with Keycard allows users to safely send, store, and receive all major cryptocurrencies including ETH, ERC-20 tokens, BTC, Litecoin and more.

The introduction of cryptocurrencies and the removal of centralized third parties, places financial ownership and responsibility back into the hands of the individual. Keycard provides a layer of security to our assets in a world without bank insurance. The vision of Keycard is to create open payment networks that return financial sovereignty to the individual.