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0.12.0 Mobile Release - Introducing Discover

0.12.0 Mobile Release - Introducing Discover

In version 0.12.0, we are announcing the launch of Discover, and introduce some  important improvements to chat. This release sees a growing number of community members supporting and contributing within GitHub.

Discover is our new portal for exploring the decentralized web. It has long been our vision for Status to act as a gateway to the new web, just like Chrome or Safari do for web2.

Until this point, however, we’ve prioritized a curated list of DApps over an open-ended experience.

With the launch of Discover, our browser becomes just that—a browser, with special capabilities for web3.

Discover is its own web app and the new go-to for finding DApps. For now, we’ve ported over our existing list, with a few upgrades to the UI. Learn how to add your DApp to the DApp list here.

But in the near future, we’re decentralizing Discover, enabling anyone to add a DApp and giving the community control over curation through an SNT voting mechanism. More on that here.

Discover can be accessed from any browser at, so you can participate on desktop as well.

This release also comes with a noteworthy chat improvement. Previously, a gap in connection to the mail servers—which happens if Status is closed for more than 24 hours or otherwise loses connection—meant that some messages might be lost.

We now detect gaps where messages are missing and offer you the option to fetch the missing history. By tapping Fetch messages when it appears within a chat, you can backfill missing history. This is a big step forward for reliability in our peer-to-peer service.

Shout out to the amazing community members who have contributed to this release. trowacat, bitsikka, krisc, e18r, tbenr. Check out all the community contributions here.


  • Fetch messages option to get missing message history
  • Discover is live on


  • DApps screen is now fully browser-centric with address bar, history and a link to Discover


  • Contact syncing between 0.11.0 and newer builds
  • 503 error when accessing DApps
  • More reliable history for token transactions

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