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Contributor Experience

Contributor Experience

A project to bug fix the experience of contributing to Status.

People Ops is on a mission to optimise the working experience of Status core contributors for:

  • Happiness
  • Wellness
  • Engagement, and
  • Productivity.

We recently had a hangout with twenty core contributors and asked the (very open-ended!) question: what could be improved at Status?

Here's some of the things we heard:

  1. Info overload - there are so many places to read and contribute - this is the biggest pain point right now. Could there be better centralisation or curation of content?
  2. Slack can feel urgent and overwhelming - you can miss a lot if you walk away for a day, there are lots of notifications and it can be distracting. We could maybe focus on better Slack etiquette/guidelines/tips and consideration of moving long-form discussions elsewhere.
    Idea: What happens if we stop using Slack for a week?
  3. Finding information - people spend lots of time searching. It's hard to find files and remember where critical information sits - is it in a Google drive? Is it a link? We could maybe benefit from a reference tool for consolidating/searching information.
  4. Asking for PR reviews - sometimes PRs feel like they sit waiting for reviews that don't happen timely.

Thanks everyone that shared their thoughts and feedback in the call! We'll mull on these ideas and look for ways we can resolve these blockers. We can't promise we can fix it all, but we'll do what we can.

We'll be sending out engagement surveys to give everyone a chance to share their feedback directly. Look out for these coming soon!


Jump in to our thread over at Discuss if you have any ideas you'd like to contribute!

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