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Core Dev Call #29 - May 4, 2020

Core Dev Call #29 - May 4, 2020

Status Core Devs meet bi-weekly. This summary rounds up their notes.

  • Meeting Date/Time: Monday 2020-04-20 at 12:00 UTC
  • Meeting Duration 1.5 hours
  • Video stream:

The full list of Core Dev meetings can be found on GitHub.


  1. Agenda
  2. Presentation of the progress for Status Quo library, and future work.
  3. Keycard
  4. IPFS gateway for Sticker Pack
  5. 3rd Party API usage
  6. Mentions
  7. Notifications (decentralized/Android)
  8. Blockchain usage
  9. Payloads/image sending
  10. Centralized push notifications
  11. Waku documentation
  12. Dapp browser API usage
  13. Other
  14. Roadmap plan Q2


  • [Andre] lots of specs so far from last week
  • trying to catch up on things implemented
  • thinking about the upcoming things that will be implemented
  • New library that Gheorghe has been working on
  • [Gheorge] presents Status Quo library
  • Computer vision automated tests
  • [Andre] let’s look at some specs
  • [Roman] wrote keycard spec (“kindof”)
  • wrote some specifications about it
  • and how it differs from regular account
  • [Andre] important to show how it communications with the app
  • [Roman] Comments on github issue is sufficient enough
  • [Corey] I’ll take a look and Andre Franz should too
  • [Andre] Let’s spend a few minutes reading this real quick for surface view
  • [Andre] IFPS spec and gateway
  • [Corey] we pin stickers right now
  • we need to start a process around pinning new items
  • afaik, our gateway doesn’t guarantee pins
  • [Hester] one question, does it need to be included in the spec. will add detailed question in the PR
  • 3rd party API spec review
  • [rajeev] we express concerns but not noting implications
  • [Andre] idea of specs is if you wanted to implement new status client you have enough info to do it.
  • [Rajeev] ok, “this is what we’ve done and this is the risk”
  • [Samuel] specs aren’t necessarily a guideline for how we implement things, its just detailing how things currently work
  • [Andre] if you want to replicate, you know which ones to use
  • Blockchain spec
  • discussion on differences between spec and documentation
  • [hester] Pending txn question, does that belong here?
  • [Andrea] Do we need to explain to people how to use the blockchain here, probably not, defer to other docs.
  • [Roman] agree with Andrea
  • Payloads image sending
  • [Andre] for context, this work will be starting soon, it is part of chat improvement work
  • [Andre] where’s the GIF
  • [Corey] it should probably be included here
  • [Andre] are we limiting the payload size, and can an image be split up over multiple messages
  • [Andrea] payload is waku maximum messages size, we’ve talked about multipart, needs implementing.
  • [Andre] document then reason to enforce
  • Centralized push notifications
  • No PR or spec for this
  • Waku documentation
  • Webview
  • [Corey] This is the new implementation right?
  • [Andre] Yes
  • My only questions are whether we can get changes upstream or is there a story to keep our version updated with upstream?
  • [Hester] how do we move forward with these PRs so they don’t remain open for too long?
  • [Andre] until Friday people have time to comment/address/etc the merge at the end of the week.
  • [Samuel] things that need spec/documentation, are we going to continue to make concerted effort to address current things, and part of future PRs need to include docs/specs. This will be part of review process?
  • [Andre] Yes. Depends, but yes.
  • [Hester] presents roadmap
  • keycard integration, notifications
  • after those, then referals and starterpack on android
  • sooner we get them in, the better. We don’t expect too much growth until we have those features
  • then images in chat
  • starterpack on iOS, as well as “a solution” for notifications on iOS
  • notifications are critical to retention
  • [Andre] we’re looking at how Matrix solved decentralized notifications, we’re trying to understand and document how that works with Status.
  • worst case scenario, maybe we could even run notification service, this is up for debate
  • [Hester] worthwhile to start a discuss post or something to see who has ideas?
  • [Andre] yes, but I want to start that discussion with background and material laid out. Give me today to get that ready
  • [Hester] few more things (more fun)
  • mentions ranked pretty high, but after other things
  • also emoji reactions. Considering emoji and SNT reactions seperately, not reason to not already start with emoji
  • would love to hear reservations about these being priorities for next 2-3 months.
  • [Corey] I think those are appropriate things to prioritize, personally.
  • Open discussion, comments, etc
  • [Corey] please keep this up, it helps me do my job, and may others
  • [Hester] if you have thoughts, PLEASE reach out and say something. We want to manage expectations.
  • [Samuel] will we be doing repo documentation in bursts like this week? There’s lots of things not documented, are we doing this again, or are we keeping going? Generally, how is this going to keep going moving forward.
  • [Andre] this is a good baseline, and we make a concerted effor to document specify moving forward. Let’s make this just a part of the process.
  • [Andre] you all look wonderful today!

Action Items

  • destroy jitsi
  • Corey: upload recording to youtube after meeting
  • Gheorghe: add link to slides
  • Gheorghe: add link to video from slides
  • process around pinning new stickers
  • Hester: add question about IPFS to PR, someone address it formally
  • Andre: comment on PR about breaking up image over multiple messages
  • Andre: Ping Vitaliy about question in webview

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