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Today we’re happy to announce the launch of our new community outreach effort from the Status Network. Less than three months ago we announced the launch of our Discord community and thanks to Jakubgs the 🧙we have bridged the Discord server with Status V1, ensuring a seamless community experience.

In an effort to strengthen our relationship with the community we present to you #EverythingStatus - a podcast where each episode will treat you to an in-depth conversation between Status core contributors, ambassadors, community members and leaders of our industry. We’re committed to bringing you unfiltered press and transparency.

The first episodes dropping March 11th and March 12th will feature not one but two segments: To the Core and The Roundtable.


Did you ever wonder what drives these amazing people and what keeps them fighting for the human rights of others?

We’ll hear personal stories from the people behind the curtain of decentralised tech and get a sense for the highs and lows of contributing to an open source project.To the Core is where we catch up with featured core members of the Status team and pick their brains. Who better to give an honest take and tell us more about the adventures at the cutting  edge of decentralisation than the passionate people that make up Status’s community of contributors.

These freedom fighters, privacy nerds, crypto fanatics and security buffs come from all corners of the world, brought together with a common mission to take back the web. Often busy wearing multiple hats, their day jobs and work on the Status project take up most of their time, so their stories are not often heard - until now.

Catch up with this segment every wednesdays starting from March 11th :)


The Roundtable is an informal community-driven initiative where we welcome community members and Ambassadors to join us and discuss Status. We’ll get to know unique insights such as how people discover Status, how they’re active in the community and what decentralisation means to them. This segment will be live every thursdays starting from March 12th.

Are you excited already? That's not all, we will be giving prizes to people who participate and listen to the podcasts. Time to get some precious SNT.

To make it fair, the details about the prizes will only be given to everyone who listens to the podcast.

i.e The Much Decorated Secret is in the podcast itself. (Evil laugh).

We have created a webpage where you can track all our uploaded podcasts and will send a tweet each time we upload a new episode, so make sure you follow us on Twitter. Join our Discord community channel #everythingstatus and jump in on the action, ask questions and maybe even be part of the next episode!

Get ready!!!!!!