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Status Added to Messari Disclosures Registry for further Transparency

Status Added to Messari Disclosures Registry for further Transparency

Status has been added to the Messari Disclosures Registry furthering our commitment to transparency and community moderation and regulation. Joining top projects such as MakerDAO, Airswap, Cosmos, and Blockstack in the effort to create an industry standard in information transparency.

We are proud to announce that Status has been added to the Messari Disclosures Registry – an open source central repository of crypto project information. This registry aims to provide a trusted source for free access to project information, including token design, supply details, technology audits, official communication channels, relevant team members, investors, and advisors, and more. Messari is an important partner in the ecosystem as they are pushing the entire industry towards transparent and healthy growth.

Messari, the leading provider of contextualized data and research tools for the cryptoasset industry, launched their open-source disclosures registry in November 2018. The registry includes other top projects dedicated to transparency and overall industry health including MakerDAO, Airswap, Aion, Blockstack, Cardano, District0x, Gnosis, Waves, Zcash, and many more.

Required Transparency

Only entirely open and transparent projects are accepted and added to the disclosures registry –  creating a truly trusted source for the community at large. The process by which a project is added to the registry requires an in depth audit and analysis of public information by the Messari team.

Aligned with our Principles

This is an important initiative for Status as transparency has always been a core principle of the project. Status has been open source and transparent since the token distribution in 2017 and has taken pride in providing open lines of communication with the community.

The Messari Disclosures Registry provides yet another trusted platform for Status to communicate project details and all significant organizational updates to past, present, and current stakeholders. As Status prepares to launch v1 of the application and introduce new SNT utility into the network, the registry will remain a constant and trusted source on project timelines, technical overview, token details and distribution, and much more.

Also, as Status evolves into much more than a purely consumer application, via focused R&D at the blockchain and protocol layers, the disclosures registry will ensure Status remains transparent and accountable to all stakeholders.

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