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The Nimbus dashboard challenge

The Nimbus dashboard challenge
We propose a radical change in design from experts designing for people to people designing for themselves.
Don Norman

We are proposing to leverage the creativity within the Ethereum community to help us figure out what to display in our Grafana dashboard (for those of you who are unfamiliar, Grafana is a tool that helps you visualise important real-time metrics concerning your validator and/or beacon node.).

We believe it is you, the community, who best understand the problem, and what you need from such a dashboard.

Thanks to the wonderful support and kindness we’ve received from you all ( thank you Gitcoin 🙏💛  ), we are in a position to offer prizes for the best submissions.

N.B. You do not have to be a mainnet validator to make a submission. Running Nimbus on Pyrmont is encouraged!


The deadline for submissions is February 14th February 28th (any time).


Up to USD $5,000.


The only requirement is that the grafana dashboard must concern the Nimbus Client.

Selection criteria

We wish to add an element of democracy to the selection criteria. As such, anyone with a validator signing key (including ourselves) will be able to vote on the best dashboard(s).

How to get started

For those of you who are already familiar with Nimbus, the easiest way to see metrics concerning your validator / node is to build the beacon node with the NIMFLAGS="-d:insecure" option:

make NIMFLAGS="-d:insecure" nimbus_beacon_node

And then run the beacon node with the --metrics flag:

./ --metrics

You can then visit to see a complete list of all the metrics available.

How to submit

Export your dashboard in JSON model/file form and send to with the subject heading Nimbus Grafana dashboard challenge.


We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Please send any queries/questions to the following email address: We also encourage you to head over to our discord.

We’re excited to see where your creativity will take you!

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