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Status Town Hall #28 - February 18, 2019

Status Town Hall #28 - February 18, 2019

The team continues to make steady progress on white paper deliverables and SNT Utility swarms. The goal is still to deliver on the white paper promises by end of Q1 and then move on to polish the features and UX once implemented.

The team was at ETHDenver over the weekend and collected a lot of really great feedback from hackers and users of Status. There was a push to release v0.9.34 ahead of Denver and we saw some promising metrics around updates and installs at the time of the release (Feb 12) and on the first day of EthDenver (Feb 15)

Metrics for Android only (taken from AppFigures)

Kudos Updates

This Kudos DApp is being worked on by Jarrad and the PeopleOps team to implement a system to allow contributors to recognize each others’ impact.

#368-token-economics Swarm

A new swarm has been created and is being led by Jarrad, Carl, Barry & Corey. The goal is to model the Status Network token economy based on current SNT use-cases.

The goal is to model the SNT value potential for investment, as well as inform design decisions.

Github Repo here

#StickerHeads - Design Competition

We have officially launched the latest community design competition. We are looking to source a community created sticker pack ahead of the anticipated release of the Sticker Market.

Get all the details in the announcement blog post here

314-Tribute-to-Talk Swarm

The tribute to talk swarm is making progress and working through some final UI implementation details.

Swarm Repo -
Design Explorations -
Join the Status Channel -


Swarm Repo -
Specification Doc -
Join the Status Channel -





The team is currently working on getting the mobile UI running on desktop. There are some existing issues but progress is looking great

Join the Status Channel -

  • UI glitches
  • Long chat performance
  • Encryption error on second login
  • Lack of desktop-specific things: right-click, send with Enter, etc.


The Embark team is getting ready for the release of 4.0 and working through the following updates:

  • Cockpit: Dashboard UI, Deployment tool, Blockchain explorer, IDE, Dev utils
  • Revamped Pipeline
  • Transaction Logger
  • Display reason transaction failed (indicates line of code)
  • Debugger
  • Code Generator

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