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The EthDenver Chronicles - An Open Source Film

The EthDenver Chronicles - An Open Source Film

We’re teaming up with Bounties Network to create an entirely open source recap film of EthDenver. Submit your content and earn some crypto!

It is hard to capture the true essence of EthDenver as it draws so many different kinds of people from developers, technologists, and cypher punks to coders, crypto-economists, designers and makers. In fact, the essence of EthDenver, is in fact just this – a wildly diverse group of people coming together with a common purpose.

Together, we will gather in the rocky mountain state and build the decentralized future. If this year is anything like last year, we are in for a truly special time

This is exactly why we are teaming up with Bounties Network and EthDenver to create the "ETHDenver Chronicles" – an open source recap film. Seriously though...what better way to capture an event dedicated to building the distributed future than by distributing the documentation itself!

What is The ETHDenver Chronicles?

We are teaming up with Bounties Network, to collect, capture, and edit content provided by the diverse EthDenver attendees and community. EthDenver is so much more than the hackathon itself; and we want to capture all of this. From every point of view. From different angles and different perspectives.

How do we do that? We literally open source the recap film and put bounties on submitting videos, photos, interviews, or quite literally anything we can hack together into a final edit. Whether you are shooting video and taking photos on your phone, or capturing high quality content with DSLR – we want it all! We will also place a bounty on the final edit itself. Not only does this flex the power of our incredible open source community, it also allows us to recap the event from a diverse perspective.

How Does it Work

We want to capture everything. The lead up to the event. The magic of the #buidlathon itself. And the closing of it all in the inspired returns back to wherever in the world we came from.

There are bounties up on Bounties Network for submitting your content. To complete a bounty:

  • View the content bounty in the Bounties Network Explorer
  • Submit your content to the bounty you'd like to work on
  • Label your content with your name, date captured, and a simple description of what it is
  • To verify your submission, follow the rules set out.
  • All content will be due on Monday February 25th.

The final edit bounty:

  • Once all content is collected and in the dropbox folder, people will be able to use whatever footage, photos, graphics, assets, are available to them and create The ETHDenver Chronicles – a final recap film for the event.
  • Once you have completed your video, post it on twitter, tag @ethstatus, @ethBounties, @EthereumDenver and use the hashtag #ETHDenverChronicles
  • All videos are due [Friday March 22nd - this gives 4 weeks]
  • Once all videos are collected, we will use the Status Voting DApp to host a vote for the best EthDenver Recap video

What are we looking for?

Once again, we want to capture everything from as many different perspectives as possible. So share it all! Some ideas to spark your creativity below.

Leading up to the event:

  • How are you preparing? What are you packing?
  • Are you bringing anything interesting like your “I may not be stable but my DAI is” shirt?
  • How are you forming team ahead of time? Are you in a public group chat with your friends? Have you checked out the Status public channel #teambuilding
  • Where are you coming from? Film your hometown as you begin the journey to Denver

Arrival in Denver and during the event:

  • When do you arrive in Denver? Are you attending any of the blockweek events?
  • What is your first impression of the venue? What is the entrance to Sport Castle like? Any cool art or installations around?
  • What does the venue look like? Show us what is going on at each level of the venue.
  • What is the crowd like during the opening ceremony? What is the vibe like? Is it tense or are people just happy to be there?
  • Any good workshops going on? How are the panels and speakers?

The Hacking:

  • What does it look like when 1,000 passionate and talented hackers get together under one roof?
  • What are some cool projects people are working on?
  • Grab one of the judges or mentors and interview them. Why are they here? What are they looking for in a project?

For some more inspiration, have a look at the recap video created by Milan Hoppe for EthDenver.

Now go ahead, check out the issues on Bounties Network and start sharing your content with us.

Together we can create something truly special.

For more info or questions, join the Status Public channel #ethdenver-chronicles