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Town Hall #41 Monday August 19, 2019

Town Hall #41 Monday August 19, 2019

Town Hall #41 brings an update from People Ops on hiring, perks, and the engagement survey. Janitor update regarding progress on V1 tasks and the impending security audit. Finally, we get an update on the V1 marketing plans.

People Ops Updates on:

  • People Ops presents new hire Dmitry Ryajov and some open roles in the hiring pipeline.
  • Istanbul Offsite planning
  • Updates to the upcoming Q3 Engagement Survey

Nabil presents the decreasing backlog of v1 tasks but an update to the timeline of the security audit with Trail of Bits.

Post Code freeze:

  • Front end features work to continue
  • Once security audit (updates with security team below) and fixes are complete, release schedule can be finalized
  • Smaller release cycles post-release

Still on the hunt for an app engineering lead for the team as per Discuss post

V1 audit will start end Sept/beginning Oct (working to get this pushed up)

Security and Infra updates:

  • Completed production infra for
  • Autoscalable based on load and managed by Terraform
  • Sharded MongoDB cluster with automated DB backups
  • Upgraded all infra-* repos to Terraform 0.12
  • Better syntax, new features like dynamic blocks, better errors
  • Created for vanity Go imports
  • Deployed BitWarden at (Invites coming soon)
  • Improved Security on by adding CSP & other headers
  • Refreshed iOS signing certificates for another year
  • Upgraded Faucets and LES to Geth 1.9.1
  • Automated CI builds for new

Current Events:

  • Berlin Blockchain Week
  • EthPlanet Shenzhen
  • Gitcoin Ethereal Blocks Virtual Hackathon

Current Initiatives

Dapp Integration Center: Documentation, Tutorials, Checklist for building and submitting a DApp on Status

V0.14.0: Awareness comms, sticker market launch campaign, PR strategy

Community: New Ambassador Page with upcoming launch campaign. Onboarding user journey

Istanbul: local meetup around Sept 11 in partnership with BCTR

Dev Rel: Developer Portal Planning

Thought Leadership: Pitching content series to mainstream publications

Translation: Ongoing campaign to translate Status (KUDOS JINHO!!!)

V1 Planning

3 Key Areas & Brand Narratives

  1. Successfully launch and drive awareness and acquisition of v1 of Status Application
  2. Introduce the R&D of a family of protocols for secure, private communication
  3. Shift the overarching brand narrative from “Status: A mobile application” to “The Status Network”  

For each key area, we will aim to effectively communicate:

  1. Brand Story - build the emotional connection to Status
  2. Product Comms - clearly explain the product features and specs to all audiences
  3. SNT Utility - raise awareness of SNT and its utility
  4. Community - build long term community ties

Final Planning Now (Budgets, Tactics, CPM, CPA, Platforms & Partners, PR Agency, Production Support)

Kick off Production September 1

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