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Town Hall #54 - March 30, 2020

Town Hall #54 - March 30, 2020

Here's a recap of our latest Town Hall - we've got updates from Recruiting, Core, Marketing, Embark & Keycard for you - enjoy! Here are the slides.

People Ops // Hiring

  • We're hiring in design, growth marketing, and protocol engineering
  • Recent hires closed - we're excited to have found someone to help us with POps coordination
  • New core contributors starting soon - Simon on growth marketing, and Samuel on core development 🎉
  • Overall, core contributor engagement is still strong (8.4/10), despite all that's going on in the world around us. We continue to build and move forward.


V1.2 is coming very soon, bringing scalability with Waku. Beyond that, v1.3 has a bunch of exciting features like dark mode and group chat 😍Want to request features? Let us know here.

You can submit your sticker packs to the Sticker Market here.

Security and Infrastructure


Dogeth wins the #stick2web3campaign, and overall our marketing metrics are looking healthy, increasing even after the February spike with v1 release.


Check out this awesome demo from the team of how Keycard can be used as a crypto debit card. Come find out more on this Discuss thread, and check out the repo here.


Subspace has a fresh new look, check out the website here.


Q1. Sticker market
How soon can we see the sticker market fully open for designers to upload unlimited designs for sale?

-- We're not building an interface for this anytime soon, as it doesn't directly factor into user growth. We have an ad hoc Google form available for designers to submit stickers. You can submit your images and metadata for your packs there, plus your address for payments. We'll pull them in to a future release.

Q2. Status downloads
Could we have the number of Status downloads on iPhone/Android included in every Town Hall?

-- Yep, sure!

Q3. Extensions
Are there plans to bring extensions back, such as the old ‘beta version’ gif extensions ?

-- Not in the pipeline anytime soon, it's a massive project. We have other higher priority things to address right now. We love extensions, but it requires a huge amount of effort from multiple teams. Consider it on ice!

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