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Town Hall #60 - June 22, 2020

Town Hall #60 - June 22, 2020

Here's a recap of our latest Town Hall - we've got updates from People Ops, Core, Security, Marketing & Keycard for you - enjoy! Here are the slides.

People Ops // Hiring

  • We're still hiring in finance, distributed networking enginnering, and protocol engineering.
  • Kudos DApp - SNT coming soon
  • Q3 SNT payouts - 1 July
  • Offsite 2020 - no plans yet, travel still looks risky.


All set for V1.4 release which will see Keycard integrated with the Status app, V1.4 will also support notifications for Android users.

  • We are also working on releasing V1.4.1 soon which will only be for numerous bug fixes.
  • Experiments on RN desktop can be found here.

You can follow our weekly Product planning updates here.

Security & Infrastructure



Huge kudos 🎉 to the full Status team for releasing Keycard in v1.4

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