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Announcing the Status #Cryptolife Hackathon

Announcing the Status #Cryptolife Hackathon

Join us in Prague, Oct 26–28 as we look to #buidl the future of a better web!

We’re hosting a hackathon in Prague right before DevCon4 — find out more here!

At Status, we often get asked what all this web3 stuff is all about anyway. Generally, we’ll dive into technical explanations about what decentralization really is and why it is important, but web3 also signifies conceptually the shift to a new paradigm for how we connect.

We helped interview over 100 of the top developers in Ethereum for ETHPrize and one of the most revealing questions was, “What was the hardest thing about learning to develop on Ethereum?” Many different developers — some working on DApps, some working on clients, some working on security and best practices — answered this question with reference to how difficult it is to teach people new ways to think about writing code and running it in a global, asynchronous, resource-restricted environment.

“People are lacking the granular insight that is required — along with the right mindset, philosophy, and paradigmatic approach to writing smart contracts. The biggest problem is bringing synchronous patterns into smart contracts. People still are not understanding what is actually happening beneath their code. They know it is “distributed”, but what does that mean to them?”  — Goncalo Sa

So, how do we teach paradigms? Well, one way to start is to bring people together in one room, get the best minds in Ethereum into that same room, and get everyone to work together. We’re talking much more than mentorship here, and much more than a few simple hacks. The Status app is on Mainnet, which means you can access the power of web3 right from your pocket and that developers anywhere in the world can build real utility using Status today.

Now, it’s high time we started living entirely on cryptocurrency, and we need your help to achieve that.

We’re hosting our #CryptoLife hackathon in Prague in the days leading up to DevCon4, so that it is easy for you to book a ticket a few days early and come and learn exactly what a new paradigm really means to the people most actively building it.

We’re doing this right before DevCon4 not just for convenience, but because we actually want people to use the amazing things you build through Status at Ethereum’s annual gathering. This is not another random hackathon; much like Status’ own goals, this is about making hacking matter in the real world.

We are deadly serious about putting the power of these networks into people’s hands without compromising on the core principles that inform Ethereum.

We think the best way to achieve that is to play with our peers in a way that allows everyone to learn and #buidl together a new paradigm that will allow for more frictionless transactions and computations without any central control.

CryptoLife is not just about being able to spend your cryptocurrency on real world stuff though, it’s fundamentally about more secure, private and direct digital connections between people and, ultimately, better human relationships that are not mediated by any one group.

Join us in Prague from the 26th to the 28th of October to be a part of the next phase for Ethereum. Further exciting details like judges, mentors, the exact (and top secret!) venue, as well as community and sponsor participation opportunities will follow soon on our new website.

There are also plenty of prizes available, but hopefully building a collaborative future together is incentive enough for the people who show up.

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