Winners of the Giveth Social Coding Blockternship will win some ETH and be automatically accepted to attend the Status Hackathon

Our friends over at Giveth are organizing a 2 month distributed hackathon starting on August 7th called #Blockternship. This is an amazing initiative supported in conjunction by Giveth, Aragon, Swarm City, ChainShot, and Status. Two months of hacking, mentorship by talented developers, and great prizes.

Oh...did we mention we are hosting a hackathon too? Two weeks ago we announced #CryptoLife, the Status Hackathon dedicated to decentralizing all the things! #CryptoLife will take place in Prague October 26 - 28 (the weekend before Devcon4). And now, all winners of the Giveth #Blockternship will be automatically accepted to attend the #CryptoLife to reunite as a team and continue work on their winning MVP. Before we get into the details of the Status Hackaton, more on Giveth’s #Bockternship here:

Both individuals and teams can apply–it is just require that applicants:

  • Be open source.
  • Be built on the Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Must be a bootstrapped project (no external funding).
  • Must deploy a working MVP to the GitHub Organization by October 9th

Applications opened up July 18th and are due no later than next Tuesday August 7th. You won’t want to miss this deadline.

The winners will be selected by a panel of judges, the Giveth team will review all the applicants to determine the final eligible entries, then the winners will be selected by a panel of judges made up of members from the sponsoring team. Winnings will be distributed as such:

  • A collective bag of 20 ETH distributed in descending order 1st=50% , 2nd=30% , 3rd=20%
  • A full page write-up about the winning project posted in the community blog.
  • An invitation to the next Giveth Summit in an exotic, yet undetermined location.
  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be automatically accepted to attend the Status Hackathon #CryptoLife in Prague October 26 - 28 (weekend before Devcon). We hope this gives the winning teams a chance to regroup and push their MVP to new heights.

For details on how to enter #Blockternship check out their blog post here.

Status Hackathon #CryptoLife
Join us in Prague in the days leading up to Devcon4 for a weekend of hacking, mentorship from some of the brightest devs in ethereum, prizes, and collaboration with the community. The winners of #blockternship will be automatically accepted to attend the Status Hackathon in Prague. The Giveth #Blockternship winners will be announced early October which vies you enough time to make your way to Prague and continue buidling that awesome winning MVP.

The idea behind #CryptoLife is all about putting the tools we are building into real life use and coming up with new and exciting ways to replace the centralized services we all know and use with decentralized ones. Together, we can all spend a weekend hacking and pushing a #CryptoLife forward.

The hackathon is completely free. You just need to apply on the #CryptoLife website here