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Beta Update 0.9.26 - Privacy Policy

Beta Update 0.9.26 - Privacy Policy

Status privacy policy, DApp opt-in and more! An important value at Status is transparency, but sometimes development moves so quickly that we don’t have the opportunity to pause, document, discuss, and disseminate the various components of the mobile app.

One way to help address this is by adding a privacy policy to the app, to let our community know what services we use to make Status work, and how personal data is used. It is also an important reminder that we do have some centralized dependencies and employ services that may expose user info. This is just one step, but an important one, to be true to our principles and provide informed context to our users as we make progress toward our goal of being fully decentralized.

With 0.9.26, we are also beginning to introduce the the ability to grant web3 access to the DApps you choose to use. Permissions are granted on a per DApp level. This doesn’t work with all DApps yet, but does work with both our test and ENS DApps. Going forward, DApp authors will need to add support for this, but based on community feedback we anticipate that this change in approach will be adopted quickly. Read more from MetaMask about our collaboration on driving this initiative.

Also, with 0.9.26 we’ve got sound! Sound has been enabled for message notification.

Check out all the additions, updates and fixes in this Beta release — with over 160 commits from 29 contributors!

Known Issue

In some cases when chatting the app may show a “Connecting to peers” warning message. If the issue persists it can be resolved by restarting the app.


  • Introduce extended DApp API #5042
  • Webview loading indicator
  • Modal wallet from chat and Dapp browser #5256
  • Auto show existing tokens in wallet after account recovery #4842
  • Allow user to remove custom avatar
  • Play a sound for new messages
  • Added privacy policy #4932
  • Implement web3 provider Opt-in access #5260


  • Better transaction state updates #5138#4851#4865
  • Disable default auto capitalise in password input #5154
  • Consistent time and date formatting #4558
  • Improve browser security warning #4380
  • Removed the 21 character limit from the transaction amount field #4404
  • Refactored wallet #5373
  • Updated app copy #5346
  • Improved validation in account recovery. We now show a warning if any words are not from our mnemonic dictionary #5310
  • Add dismiss button to “Add to contacts” badge
  • Persist state for browser session #5278
  • Align recovery phrase words correctly #5058


  • Fixed an signing issue when navigating back from transactions #4826
  • Fixed incorrect amount validation in wallet request #5171
  • De-duplicated home screen Dapp listings #3604
  • Fixed “Doesn’t support name” error #5131
  • Onboarding wallet issue #4724
  • Show correct transactions #5265
  • Fixed an issue involving tooltips and passwords #4952
  • Fixed 0 fiat bug #5356
  • Fixed balance in asset field when value too long #3911
  • Using correct error code for image picker component #5243
  • Showing gas info in unconfirmed transactions #5224
  • Correctly passing gasPrice param #5568
  • Messaging/transacting take too long to be processed #5293

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  • iOS: Within TestFlight, make sure you see Version 0.9.26 and tap ‘INSTALL’
  • Android: If you are not automatically asked to update, go to Status.imin the PlayStore and click ‘Update’

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