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Bug Hunting with Status

Bug Hunting with Status

Find bugs, get paid, learn more about Ethereum and Status by participating in the Status Bug Hunting sessions. For the first session we will select 5 applicants with testing experience to learn together. We will explore Status app and learn how to make such sessions a joy for any tester in the future :)

Each reported, unknown bug with high or medium severity will be rewarded with SNT (Status Network Token). The exact amount will be defined per session.

We’d like to make such sessions recurring and open to more testers, so even if you are not invited to the first round, stay tuned for future updates. You can apply to join bug hunting sessions by filling in this questionnaire.

If you can’t wait, then try our most recent nightly build here (only Android, build might be unstable). To get the stable release version on iOS, sign up for access via TestFlight here. For the Android stable release, simply download Status from the PlayStore

Session 1

  • Session period: Thursday, August 9, 11:00 CEST - Sunday, August 12, 23:00 CEST
  • In Scope: all app areas
  • Issue types in scope: UI and functional issues.
  • Environments and OS: real Android tablets and mobile devices with Android 6 and above
  • Out of scope: load and performance testing, localization, UX and UI improvements, new feature suggestions, bugs that can’t be reproduced 3 times in a row, iOS devices, emulators, bugs of third party services (see such services in )
  • Payouts: 1 high-severity issue 400 SNT, 1 medium-severity 250 SNT, low-severity are not paid. SNT's current value can be checked here. Bugs reported before or after session are not paid. Bugs reported by other contributors who were not selected for the first session are not paid. Bugs reported for other builds than specficied for the target session build are not paid.
  • Review and payouts: bug reports will be reviewed during session and 1 week after. You can expect to get payouts by August 21 as Ethereum transaction to the specified address.
  • Known issues: Find them all here.
  • Communication: bug-hunters channel in Riot. We promise to answer your questions during CEST working hours (9:00 - 18:00) and post all updates related to the session there.
  • Target Build: will be announced on Thursday August 9, 11:00 CEST in bug-hunters channel on Riot

We have clear documentation on how best to write and submit bug reports.

Do not use sensitive data when testing

The target build will have a TestFairy service enabled which sends screenshots and logs if the app is launched and a WiFi connection is used. We do not save your password, private key, or recovery phrase in the logs/screenshots. However, be aware that your interaction with app will be recorded and sensitive data should not be shared while you test. Here is a sample of such session.

High and medium severity bugs - examples

Test ETH and tokens

We will not cover costs for real ETH or tokens that might be used for testing on Mainnet. To get test ETH and tokens:

  1. Turn on development mode Profile -> Advanced -> Development mode
    Change network to the Ropsten: Profile -> Advanced -> Network -> Ropsten with upstream RPC
  2. As soon as network is switched to Ropsten, get test ETH: Log in -> Home -> + -> Open DApp -> Status Test Dapp -> Open -> Assets -> Request Ropsten ETH (0.1 test ETH will be sent to your wallet).
  3. Get test tokens Log in -> Home -> + -> Open DApp -> Status Test Dapp -> Open -> Assets -> Request STT (or any other tokens in the list HND, LXS etc). 1000 STT will be sent to your Wallet

Third-party services

We rely on some third-party services that you can find in here. So, if they have issues, then we do too. For example, if the price of tokens are not as you expect, please check as we are using it to show the fiat value. So, bug reports like will not get paid out because it's “not our bug”.

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