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Status Bug Hunts

Status Bug Hunts

Status is an open source software project, run by a decentralised community of people intent on building the most secure and user-friendly interface for Ethereum. We care deeply about openness and inclusivity, and try always to think up new ways for different kinds of people to contribute. We’ve had meme masters, open bounty bug squashers, the we of web3, and global hackathons (we’re hosting another one in Prague just before DevCon 4.

Now, we need bug hunters…

We’re looking for 5 experienced testers to join our bug hunting sessions with real Android devices (Android 6.0 and above). Approved bug reports with high and medium severity will be paid 400 SNT and 250 SNT respectively.

You can apply to join bug hunting sessions by filling in this questionnaire. Our testing team members will offer constant support by answering all your questions in the “bug-hunters” channel on Even if you are not invited to hunt bugs, you can watch, learn, and then try it out yourself as we’ll have loads more bug hunting sessions in future.

To read all the juicy details about these sessions, head over here.

As always, we’re looking for more full-time testers too. These sessions will help you understand Status better and decide if you’d like to join us in building a better web. Apply here.

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