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#CryptoLife Ground Floor Activities: Registration, Sponsors, & More

#CryptoLife Ground Floor Activities: Registration, Sponsors, & More

We are now less than a month away from the Status Hackathon #Cryptolife and to say we are excited is a blasphemous understatement. Some of the best hackers have applied, we have an incredible list of sponsors and workshops prepped, real-life magicians signed up, AND we also have a ton of extra curricular activities which exemplify that #CryptoLife. Hackathons are about hacking and buidling the future, but even all you brilliant developers need a break from the screen every once in a while...

There are so many interesting experiences that we decided to break them out floor-by-floor in a series of blog posts. The National House Smichov is 3 floors and we are going to use the entire space to make this event really special. Check out the whole floorplan!

Here is a list of what we have planned for the ground floor.

Registration + SNT, ETH, &  An ENS User Name

Registration at #cryptolife will be a bit different from previous events you may have attended. We are not joking around when we say we want to put into real-life production the applications you can use through Status. Therefore, registration will consist of 3 steps:

  1. Show a valid ID so we can get you a wristband, proper credentials, and make sure you are a real human being and all that.
  2. Install Status (if you haven’t already) and receive some SNT and ETH for gas. You will need to redeem your meals at #cryptolife with SNT– therefore, we want to ensure everyone has enough SNT for 3 meals per day along with ETH for gas. This will be a quick transaction process using a unique QR code per registrant.
  3. Register an ENS user name. Finally, we want to help get everyone set up with an ENS user name on the spot. In Step 2 - we will also provide everyone with enough SNT to register their own ENS user name. Status core contributors will be on hand to help out as needed.

To make this registration as seamless as possible, please install Status on your mobile device before arriving at #cryptolife.

#Buidl the Hackathon Identity

Status is an open source project. The repos are all available, so shouldn’t the design of our hackathon logo be open as well? This is why Ned and Barry have built a DApp that will allow anyone to buy some pixels on a canvas, define the value of those pixels with some SNT, and then color them in however (literally, however) desired. We can’t wait to see what this looks like at the end of #CryptoLife!

Alethio Sonifer

Our friends at Alethio will be bringing Sonifer along so all attendees can visually and audibly experience data on the ethereum blockchain. The Alethio team worked with digital artists Andreas Borg & Jason Levine to create a real-time visualization & sonification of the public Ethereum network based on Alethio's API. Specific visualizations represent transactions within a block and the team also integrated different sounds with each of these distinct on-chain elements to create what amounts to the music of the Ethereum.

The Alethio team will be hacking in the Maker Space with some of the Status core contributors to try to visualize whisper messages in Sonifer.

The Hive of Ideas

The Bounties Network team will be putting the power of open source to work to help identify future ideas for both technical and non-technical bounties. On the ground floor, they will provide a board for you to write down what you would want to bounty. There will be some inspiration from some familiar faces. We look forward to what people come up with and can’t wait to see some of these bounty ideas make it from pen and paper to

Room for our favorite Sponsors :)

The ground floor will have a dedicated space for sponsors to set up their tables and materials in a welcoming environment for all. We encourage everyone to stop by the sponsor tables, ask questions about tracks of work and get to know the people behind the tech. Some of our favorites such as MakerDAO, OmiseGo, MyBit, Consensys, Witnet, Bounties Network, Streamr, and Liquidity Network will all be there.

Food Trucks, a patio, and a lounge

The National House Smichov has a beautiful patio and outdoor space where we will park an array of food trucks for everyone to come and grab a bite as they please. Remember, the meals will require a “token payment”. You’ll need to transfer some of that SNT we give you at registration, so don’t forget to bring your mobile phone with you with your Status wallet ready to go.

A few surprises up our sleeves

What would an ethereum hackathon be without a few small surprises for everyone to enjoy? For those attending #cryptolife, you will just need wait and find out what else we have in store for the ground floor (yes, you read that right….this is just the ground floor!).

We will also be sharing posts about Floors 1 & 2 later on. Stay tuned!

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