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Jacek Sieka and Boris Petrov at Swarm Orange Summit 2018

Jacek Sieka and Boris Petrov at Swarm Orange Summit 2018

This year Jacek Sieka and Boris Petrov from the Status team had the privilege of attending the Swarm Orange Summit.

Every year the Swarm Orange Summit is a chance for the Swarm core team to come together and interact face to face for hacking and discussions, and it is a chance for the wider Community and the core team to interact. The summit was in Ljubljana, hosted and co-organised by DataFund. We were invited to attend the three days of talks and discussion, a hacking day and a wonderful Slovenia day-trip. It was a very social event with communal lunches and dinners and debates late into the night; with friends new and old.

This Summit was the first time the Swarm team presented the new Swarm v0.3, and launched a dedicated testnet for this purpose. It saw a refined PSS protocol that everyone was invited to try out together with the custom PSS chat app presented by mainframe. Swarm Mutable Resource Update was another experimental new feature unveiled at the summit. They allow websites on Swarm to be more dynamic than the ENS system alone could allow. Also on the roadmap for Swarm we discussed the “light-mode” allowing Swarm to run on mobile clients — a project which we at Status support.

If you missed the summit don’t worry, we’ve created a video playlist of all the presentations from the summit on the Status YouTube channel.

We left the summit with a renewed sense of purpose as we push along, all together, to make web 3.0 a reality.

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