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Keycard and the Status App: Connecting the Status Network

Keycard and the Status App: Connecting the Status Network

The Status App’s latest 1.4 release integrates Keycard to provide the Status App with contactless secure cold storage for private key management and authentication. This launch boosts the Status Network as an interoperable collection of projects and demonstrates the real potential of unified principles.

Keycard + Status Mobile App

Keycard brings the rigorous security of cold storage to mobile, and makes it simpler to use secure best practices in decentralized finance and other dapps. This aligns with the Status Network efforts to create technology products, tools, and infrastructure that create real options for people seeking freedom.

As a network of projects, Status has long term goals to interconnect projects and create an ecosystem of tech with ideals of privacy, security, transparency, and more. This is an amazing launch because Keycard is a major security milestone that lets products across the Status Network ship with confidence in best practices security for a range of uses and devices.

Securing the Status Messenger

The flagship application in the Status Network is the integrated messenger, wallet, and dapp explorer. Status leverages e2ee by default, perfect forward secrecy, as well as peer-to-peer protocols for messaging to keep your communication private. The Ethereum based wallet maintains levels of pseudonymity due to the properties of the public ledger. There is password protection for account access, but some people need more than a password to secure their assets.

Keycard is a secure hardware wallet designed to safely store private keys offline. It is built with NFC technology and a familiar, credit card-like design for a simple, contactless experience. The Keycard hardware wallet provides an additional layer of security to Status with two primary features. With private keys stored offline on the Keycard and full isolation between keys and the smartphone, users can add hardware-enforced authorizations for all transactions. Keycard can also be used as a two-factor authentication method to log into a Status Account. It’s a bridge between best practices hard wallet infosec and contactless mobile convenience.

The Future of Keycard and The Status Network

These basic security features supercharge account and digital asset protection in the Status App, but more is on the roadmap for Keycard and the Status Network.

Taken together it’s easy to see the future evolution of Keycard and the Status App as a payment terminal. The chips on the card open the possibility for swipe or chip card functionality, the Status App can have multiple wallets available for a single account separating personal and business payments, the mobile interface mirrors WeChat’s payment functionality, but in an open-source, transparent system.

At Status we think that people should be able to choose whether or not to use the existing financial systems in their geography, or opt for another one. We think having that choice is critical for individual sovereignty, small and independent business success around the world, and is better for humanity at large. The Status Network is bringing that vision to life by creating secure, open products that work together.

Learn more about the Status//Keycard integration, and try the Status App today.

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