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My Plans For Status V1 Launch

My Plans For Status V1 Launch


Nothing in crypto is static.

What I mean by that is that projects either evolve or newer better projects come up and replace them. Growth is life and stagnation is decay. Status is comprised of very smart people keenly aware of this reality.

When I (all the Status ambassadors were though I only speak for myself) was asked whether Status should break backwards compatibility to release V1 sooner or take more time to make a backwards compatible upgrade I thought that haste was more of a priority then convenience. Those who want to use Status will stick with it through the change.

There are two changes of interest to me and I felt it necessary to make an outline of my plan.  


Status contact code QRs.

With the V1 launch it's my understanding that everyone will need to make a new profile. The old image embedded QR codes will no longer be functional. I put a lot of thought as to the best way to streamline remaking the image embedded QR codes (with the new contact links). I considered making a google form or public Status chat. I decided on a public Status chat as it supports the app. I will announce the public chat for new QR codes in the main Status public chat after the V1 launch. As much as I would love to get a head start there's nothing I can do until V1 launches and everyone has their new chat links.


Sticker Market.

I'm very excited about Sticker Market. I've already created a number of packs which I plan to make available when V1 launches. If possible I wanted to make a number (if not all) available for free. As the Sticker Market is something that I can get a head start on I've been doing a lot of research and development (what apps to use, the most efficient way of creating uniform packs, what people actually use vs what they say they want, ect...).

Emoji Requests.

I would like input from the community as to what emojis people want to use in chat. The QR image at the top of my post links to my V0 contact code (meaning it won't work after the V1 launch). Feel free to send me a DM with the emojis you use most. So long as I don't get overwhelmed I'll do my best to get every bodies emoji request incorporated into the sticker packs. I want to make things people will use and I'm adding the emojis to the packs for free.

Logo packs.

I'm planning on releasing several packs with logos of prominent crypto projects (Status included). I'm currently NOT taking requests as to project logos to incorporate as it's time consuming to create an entire pack with a specific logo (that is unless a project is something I really like or wants to throw an obscene amount of ETH at me for my time and effort, keep in mind I'm not going to shill for a questionable project).


If anyone who has their own plans for the V1 launch and would like to tell me about them I'm always happy to listen. Send me a DM via my contact code at the top.

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