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Announcing OmiseGo as sponsor for the Status Hackathon – #CryptoLife

Announcing OmiseGo as sponsor for the Status Hackathon – #CryptoLife

OmiseGo will join us in Prague, October 26 - 28 for a weekend of hacking

When we decided to host a hackathon, there were tons of ideas thrown around about themes, awesome DApp integrations, and great experiences for hackers to enjoy. While we have iterated a lot over the past few weeks, one thing remains constant, this needs to celebrate the community of people driving ethereum forward – both the passionate developers creating decentralized tools as well as established projects in the space who serve as inspiration for us all to keep #buidling.

OmiseGo is certainly one of these projects. And as part of the sponsorship, they will define a bounty track for attendees to hack on their repos. More details on the bounty track to come.

When we formalized our partnership with the OmiseGo team in July, we knew this would be far more than building decentralized tools to drive the adoption of crypto. We knew this would this would also be about supporting and celebrating the collective movement towards a #CryptoLife.

The Status Hackthon is named #CryptoLife for a reason. This is all about living a life with the decentralized tools and service available to us today. Injecting decentralized products (and even refusing to use some centralized ones) has already been put in place for events like EthBerlin, and we see #CryptoLife as a continuation and advancement of this movement. We are looking for anyway possible to remove ourselves from centralized services. Stay tuned for a ton of cool DApp integrations and partnerships for this event.

This is also about building new and exciting decentralized tools, and we look forward to see what type of DApps hackers come up with, especially with projects like OmiseGo in mind :)

For some early inspiration, here is a bit more about about what the OmiseGo team is working on. They are building open infrastructure and open financial tools. They are nearing the initial release of their decentralized exchange – a scalable and secure Proof-of-Stake network on which any form of digital asset can be traded. The DEX will enable interoperability for fully on-chain and cross-chain transactions including Bitcoin (or Bitcoin-like blockchains) and other blockchain platforms through clearinghouses in state channels or smart contracts. It also enables transaction with digital fiat platforms and economies through collateralized fiat tokens (which Status will be working closely with the OmiseGo team to integrate into our product)

For more hacking inspiration, check out their user guide.

Last week we announced Vojtech of Giveth as one of our esteemed judges. Today, we announce OmiseGo as a sponsor. We will be announcing the official venue this week. This is just the beginning of what is shaping up to be an incredible event for everyone. If you are heading to Devcon4, head out to Prague a few days early and join us at #CryptoLife. Apply on our hackathon website.

If you would like to become a sponsor, there is also a sponsorship deck as well as an application for sponsorship on the website.

Finally, there is a public channel in Status called #cryptolife for all things related to the event. If you have Status installed, simply tap the link here or scan the QR code below. If you don’t have Status installed yet, sign up for the beta on our homepage.


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