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Town Hall #43 Istanbul – September 17, 2019

Town Hall #43 Istanbul – September 17, 2019

The core contributors gathered in Istanbul for the annual offsite. The work kicked off with presentations from Jarrad and Carl on plans for the future and a financial update.

The day kicked off with Jarrad presenting ideas for an open socio-economy. Check out the slides below for the full presentation and the associated video below.

What if we could provide the tools and infrastructure in a ‘complete’ package to help these people thrive?

We can then participate in their economies.

What Android did for smartphones, we can do for communities,
and one day maybe even nations.

Slide Deck:

What are the next steps?

  • Nimbus & vacp2p: Design, Model & Implement Infrastructure.
  • Status Application: Focus on Chat experience & become ‘sharding ready’ (multichain)
  • Keycard: Get Investment & build Payment Network.
  • Embark: Setup Community Initiatives and build sharing economy dapp.
  • Marketing: Rebuild the Team, become ‘boot’s on the ground’


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