Welcome to the State of Us, a show about you, me, and the people behind web3 hosted by Andy Tudhope.  The State of Us is a deep dive into the personalities driving forward the next web. More than just money, mining, and maths equations; join us as we uncover the human side of modern technologists and reveal their hopes, dreams, and expectations for the future.

Much of the philosophy at Status has to do with two-way linking, visible pathways through information, users as authors, and "oral" interactions. All these form a part of "The Web That Wasn't", which refers to a group of ideas that came from people like Ted Nelson, Doug Engelbart, Vannevar Bush and Paul Otlet.

These guys were all considering hyper-connected information schemas, the advance of collective human intelligence, and what it all might lead to (hint: "global brain" is a phrase that comes up often). At Status, we are inspired by what they thought, said, and wrote about social, conversational spaces online - inspired enough to make sure that our collaborations with each other and with the content we interact with become a part of the context surrounding that knowledge. It is only by building these sorts of dynamics into the very architecture of the web we use that we can hope to create a more equitable, open and transparent internet for all.

The show is hosted by Andy Tudhope - an Oxford graduate with a background in Physics, Applied Maths and English Literature. He's most interested in the intersection of common languages for achieving consensus and the implementation of a shared, global substrate for computation. He can most often be found at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, desperately looking for his towel and complaining about how they STILL don't accept Bitcoin there.

This is all about you, me and the State of Us together as we forge a new way forward for modern networks. So get involved! Leave a comment, subscribe, give us a like, and share this podcast with your mates if you enjoyed it.

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For now, just sit back, relax, and listen well.

  • The State of Us #1: Carl Bennets & Jarrad Hope

    Jarrad and Carl founded Status after thinking about what a messaging app over Bitcoin might look like and realising it wasn't really possible. When Ethereum launched, they both jumped at the opportunity Ethereum's more generalisable architecture and language provides and have been driving the mass adoption of decentralized technologies ever since.

  • The State of Us #2: Glen Weyl, Author of 'Radical Markets'

    Glen Weyl has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm with his new book, "Radical Markets". We dive into some of the ideas behind this book and his intended audience for such radical work, as well as discussing the economics that inform the ways Weyl thinks the world could be made more efficient and equitable.

  • A tale about SNT mushrooms

    While we are brainstorming about SNT use cases, Status members in China are paving the way. In public channel #china-market, you can find a range of small items for sale in exchange for SNT.

    So, what does that have to do with mushrooms? Well, while the channel has only recently become active, the first trade within the community was started by Status*🤑小馒头🤑 จุ๊บ. earlier this year. Status*🤑小馒头🤑 จุ๊บ recognized an opportunity to sell special mountain mushrooms (not the 'magic' kind) in one of the Status China WeChat groups. He promoted his product, shared his imToken wallet address, ... and soon an order came in from 华森 who send him SNT.

    Status*🤑小馒头🤑 จุ๊บ posted a picture in the group to share that the assets were received for an order of 270.0000 SNT ( ¥65.97 or €8.36) and sent these delicious SNT mushrooms off for delivery..  

    They made for a wonderful meal.

    These days, the market chat is becoming more and more popular; Following the mushroom sale, eggs, Gannan navel orange, Daming sesame oil, Zhouwu biscuits have been traded for SNT.

    Check out this public chat on the Status app: https://get.status.im/chat/public/china-market

    Other learnings

    • China now has about 2000 members in it's group on WeChat.
    • Every week, community manager 江南西道 (a.k.a Steven) gets asked when we will release version 1.0 of the app. The perception is that development is taking long and in spite of a strong interest, there is a certain level of distrust about whether ‘blockchain’ will make it.
    • While members of the community do speculate, the group largely consists of members who are excited about the use of SNT and blockchain. 江南西道  has actively promoted Status as being much more than a currency.
    • Likely the most common feature request is: a way to exchange assets to fiat. As crypto and exchanges were banned by the government, members could not convert their assets back to fiat while the value continued to drop.
    • While Status may not have earned enough trust for people to use it for messaging (the group is still primarily on WeChat) or to store assets (SNT is primarily stored in imToken), community members believe in the project, but are also looking for confirmation.
    • Generally speaking, members trust 'outside' projects more as there is a general distrust of blockchain initiatives that are rooted in China.

    Anecdotes and insights were brought to you by 江南西道, Status community manager China. Reporting of home visits in Seoul and interviews in China and Hong Kong are in progress.

    Have you bought or sold anything in exchange for SNT? Share your story in our UX research channel https://get.status.im/chat/public/status-uxresearch or reach out to hester.stateofus.eth in Status.