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Status Core Devs Call 2018-09-03

Status Core Devs Call 2018-09-03

Our core devs discuss hot topics, review the last two weeks accomplishments and discuss future research.


Agenda and notes on HackMD

Part 1 Hot Topics

  1. 292 Decouple Whisper key from Wallet (

Context: we need to progress on this since this is a dependency for hardwallet light product launch.

Goals: discuss progress, next steps


  1. Status Desktop must-haves

Context: As we plan on using Status Desktop internally instead of Slack, we need to agree on what features we must have working in order to not have a detrimental impact on team performance.

Goals: Collect a list of features that can be implemented in a reasonable amount of time and will satisfy 90+% of use cases.

  1. Web refresh
    Context: explain our infrastructure choices and approach to implementation

Goals: get engineering input; to get people to join the swarm for implementation

Web Refresh plan WIP
Content ask

  1. Infra updates (infra, p2p, security, testing)

  2. Client updates (mobile, desktop)

  3. Research updates

  4. Product updates (chat, wallet, dapp)

  5. Specific ideas update
    a) 289 Deterministic builds (
    c) 289 Perfect forward secrecy (
    d) 173 Documentation (


292 Decouple Whisper key from Wallet

  • this is a dependency for the hardwallet project
  • this is paused as the work on javacard started
  • proposition is to wait for PFS to be finished before resuming this
  • keys needs to be decoupled before integrating javacard (for the release; we can continue development though)
  • PFS update
    • follow the process described on discuss
    • Go part is implemented
    • there are still some cases when a bundle cannot be exchanged and the UX solution is required
    • docs must be finished yet
      Status Desktop must-haves
  • figure out crucial features that needs to be implemented
  • objective: use it as a replacement for Slack
  • list of features to have the green light to consider replacing Slack:
    • reliable messaging for 1-1 and public chats
    • mentioning users
    • multiple chats open
    • we still need feedback and input from people what is crucial; at the same time we don’t want to include features that are hard to implement but not 100% necessary (especially features that touch the library)
    • Pedro: auto-updater is important due to planned frequent changes
    • Pedro: URLs are not clickable
    • Oskar: replacing Slack might not be the best wording; we aim for unblocking usage of Status Desktop first
    • Pedro: switching between chat windows is slooow
    • Jacek: a few features that are not necessary related to secure messaging but some improvements for good UX for developers and contributors to open source projects
      • Oskar: these features are not available in the “traditional” tools like IRC
      • Jacek: do we optimize the UX and available features for the right people?
      • Vitaliy: the main objective it’s to make it usable internally; phase 2 could be to make it more efficient and appeal to other group of people
      • Jacek: developers might have pretty different requirements than other groups of people
      • Jacek: a bridge between Status Desktop and Riot might be a good feature
  • Oskar: suggested “themes/modes” in the future where one is optimal for developers and another one for another group
  • Oskar: images can also be a limitation (requires IPFS/swarm integration)
  • Jacek: the messaging protocol does not handle mime types

Web refresh

Infra updates (infra, p2p, security, testing)

  • Jakub:
    • the main focus was Jenkins changes
    • there are still some improvements to be done for the release process
    • running small swarm cluster
    • added storage limits
    • Alibaba cloud nodes are up but there are still some connectivity issues (probably on the VPN layer)
  • Adam:
    • last week merging Rendezvous into eth.staging fleet
    • next step will be to update eth.beta fleet
    • can test between staging and beta
    • next objectives:
    • incentivization layer
    • spam protection. Jakob looked into some OS level spam protection. Dmitry is working at Whisper level (we can’t rely on PoW on phones)
    • tested LES discovery last week as first step to reintegrating LES into the app
  • Corey:
    • infrastructure audit
    • incident response platform
    • diagram how all the keys work in Status
    • a blog post is planned so that people gets better understanding how the keys work
    • how the hardware is gonna take care of keys to provide better security
    • Company and Personal Security Week ???
    • this is on discuss
    • suggestion filling in a spreadsheet comparing IMs security features
    • audit running with hardwerwallet and ens
  • Oskar: secure messenger

Client updates (mobile, desktop)

  • Roman:
    • integration react navigation
    • new release today/tomorrow
  • Desktop:
    • fixing scroll views, layout issues
    • performance improvements
    • system warnings/notificastions almost finished
    • Jenkins build fixes
    • unit testing Clojure code


Chat Team

  • Pedro:
    • mostly about PFS implementation
    • we have a build which can be used to test it
    • PFS spec being worked on
    • issue: remembering chats scroll position when switching beteen them
    • private group messaging
    • one message would be sent to each participant (pair-wise encryption); costly as PoW must be calculated for every message
    • Reddit Thread Question needs answering: Link Here


  • Julien:
    • focused on implementing web3 opt-in mechanism together with MetaMask
    • EIP (link is needed)
    • prevent from leaking too much information to DApps
    • trade-off needed as DApp must know something
    • blog post about being up-to-date with MetaMask is in progress
    • there is a target date but unsure we will make it
    • high-level things related to the extensions in the Status app
    • simple chat command to send CryptoKitty as an extension


297 Deterministic builds

  • Jakub:
    • prepare a PoC with some very simple Go package and get it working with Jenkins
    • later do the same with status-go
    • Oskar: what about Clojure, can it start in parallel?
    • later yes when we have a basic idea how it works and collect more knowledge
    • 289 Perfect forward secrecy
    • covered earlier
  • Pedro: would appreciate some feedback on the document (

173 Documentation

  • basic skeleton that is still fairly basic but sufficient
  • more comprehensive, high-level view what we’d like to show
  • collect feedback from teams and ask what they’d like to include in there
  • focus on building Status and running DApps
  • Oskar: what about old wiki?
  • Julien: some were removed because they were irrelevant

what about including people from the community?
advocacy model

PFS doc:

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