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Status Devs Meeting #10 - Jan 14, 2019

Status Devs Meeting #10 - Jan 14, 2019

The first core dev call of 2019 brings focus, motivation, and clarity across all streams of work.

Meeting Date/Time: Monday 2019-01-14 at 13:00 UTC
Agenda & Raw Notes:
Status Public Channel: #status-core-devs
Swarm List:

As the first core dev call of 2019, this meeting kicked off the year with clarity, focus, motivation to get sh!t done. Swarms are formed with clear goals around delivering on the whitepaper.

During this meeting, Hester (UXR) presented the roles and responsibilities of the design team. Also - Corey (Security) brings up a potential security vulnerability in react-native-desktop which is discussed in the #318-Desktop update. A clear next steps and mediation plan has been put in place.

Moving forward, we will post a recap of this meeting with high level updates from each swarm. Then, once per month, we will provide a deep dive into each swarm showcasing the progress, challenges, UI and design updates, as well as roadmap details. Swarm breakdown is as follows:

SNT Utility

  • 316-core-network-incentives (research until 31/1)
  • 313-sticker-market (research)
  • 314-tribute-to-talk (research)
  • 317-dapp-store (research)
  • 321-teller-network (research)


  • 315-core-improvements (research)
  • 311-protocol (research)
  • 322-dao (research)
  • 312-janitors (research)

Teams (fallback for responsibility)

  • 310-core (research)
  • 306-core-browser (research)
  • 304-core-chat (research)
  • 318-desktop (research)
  • 319-wallet (research)
  • 320-keycard (research)



Goal: DApp inside of Status, which provides borderless, peer-to-peer fiat-to-crypto ‘Teller Network’ that allows Stakeholders to find nearby users to exchange their cash for digital assets and currency, giving any smartphone owner in the world the ability to take control of their personal wealth.
Status: Research Phase
Team: Iuri, Anthony, Barry, Jonathan, Ricardo, Richard
Status Channel: #321-teller-network


  • Good brainstorm about it - how to onboard users without any crypto.
  • Heading in a direction with consistent MVP
  • Some open questions to answer:
    • Crypto > fiat only?
    • How can we use the teller network to onboard new users?
    • What does dispute resolution look like? How will we build in reputation / indicators of trust?
    • Use DAI as base?
  • Basic working DApp for both mobile and desktop
  • Currently 2 primary efforts:
    • Long term effort to ensure this is built how we want
    • Immediate MVP which includes:
      • Users can buy licence to sell
      • Escrow feature
      • UI to query prices for what the escrown exchange will be
      • Support for multiple ERC 20 tokens
      • Ability to rate transactions for seller ratingWorking on UI to open an arbitrage case


Goal: The Tribute to Talk swarm will deliver SNT based anti-spam mechanisms in accordance with the white paper. It allows individuals to monetize their time and attention by setting minimum required deposits to message them.
Status: Research Phase
Team: Eric, Rachel, Vitaly, Tetiana, Hester, Richard
Status Channel: #314-tribute-to-talk


  • Starting to work on the UI
  • Minor changes to mock-ups after design review; linked to “contact request” feature
  • Writing specs for contract to prepare for security audit
  • MVP: pay tribute with regular transaction, contract only used to register tributes


Goal: Stickers are a must-have for any messenger, particularly with Asian markets in mind. The goal of the Status sticker market is two-fold:
Allow users to buy and use stickers in chat using SNT.
Allow creators to sell stickers permissionlessly through a curated marketplace, for SNT.
Status: Research Phase
Team: Julien, Rachel, Andrey, Nastya, Hester
Status Channel: #313-sticker-market


  • Last week completed research & spec
  • Validated the mock ups and agree this is right direction (beginning to implement the mock up)
  • Open question for MVP - ERC721 will not be used in MVP. But is this something we want to use in the future?


Goal: The DApp Store swarm will deliver SNT based curation mechanisms in accordance with the white paper. Our first goal is to build the store as a web DApp and design it in such a way that it solves our first few user stories about being able to navigate the store easily, discover new DApps, and have an up-to-date list of DApps that are currently popular/being used.
Status: Research Phase
Team: Andy, Ricardo, Andrei, Julien
Status Channel: #317-dapp-store


  • Research phase running til end of month
  • P1, fewer core contributors taking part
  • Phase 1:
    • Design to discover DApps easily and find DApps that are relevant to you
    • Potentially calling an API to determine relevance in MVP
    • Will build as web DApp
    • In parallel, research around curation mechanism
      • Andy’s proposal for bonded curves requires feedback


Goal: Research and develop framework and incentivization structure for people deploying and using Status nodes according to the whitepaper.
Status: Research Phase
Team: Igor, Andrea
Status Channel: #316-core-network-incentives


  • Continuing research
  • Taking into account protocol research also happening
  • Looking for options more broad, and applicable beyond Whisper
  • Share out research drafts this week


Goal: Status Core Improvements swarm's goal is the preparation of Status Mobile Client to be released publicly (AppStore/GP release tracks).
Status: Implementation
Team: Igor, Adam, Dmitry, Roman, Pedro
Status Channel: #status-core


  • Implementation underway
  • Internal release this week includes [] and save password feature for Android
  • Password storage can be improved - 30% there
  • Reliable messaging work is 50%; requires status-go updates to be deployed
  • Working on a dependency audit, to ultimately build older versions of the app more easily
  • Some work with PFS & device sync. May clash with TtT, coordination required.

311-Protocol (research)

Goal: This swarm will research and develop a set of open protocols that is a reflection of our our principles. This set of protocols will as a whole enable the implementation of the Status whitepaper, and similar use cases, through various clients. Part of the effort will be about selecting existing protocols and standards, when appropriate, and part of it will be about developing new protocols to meet our needs. Initial focus is on providing an anonymous communication protocol, which is developed in conjunction with other teams in the Web3 / secure communication space.
Status: Research
Team: Oskar
Status Channel: #status-protocol



Goal: One major drawback in legacy social networks is the lack of influence their users possess over the networks themselves. They are often powerless in having a say on how the platform evolves. We aim to democratise this power, giving stakeholders a direct influence over all decisions within the network, including how the software is developed with voting and allocation of funds via liquid pledging
Status: Research
Team: Barry, Iuri, Jarrad, Ricardo, Richard
Status Channel: #status-dao


  • Liquid Pledging contracts have been deployed to Rinkeby for testing, simulating how UI might act on a real network
  • UI is feature complete for the MVP
    • User can create a delegate profile for a project
    • A delegate can fund projects
    • Can withdraw funds from a project
  • Not feature sounds yet as UI is not the most intuitive - UX is next iteration
  • Now considering path to mainnet, security audit
    • Overlap with Giveth


Goal: The Status Janitors oversee the delivery and completion of the Status white paper by the end of Q1, with a hard deadline of the end of Q2 2019.
Status: Research
Team: Jarrad, Nabil, Oskar, Hester, Rachel
Status Channel: #status-janitors



Goal: Status desktop app currently extensively used by Status company for communications. It is implemented with the help of react-native-desktop project that is a Qt-based port of react-native to desktop platforms: mac, windows, linux. So Desktop swarm has two goals in mind:Providing well-polished communication tool for Status company itself and the communityFeature parity with mobile application For initial scope focus is on the first goal.
Status: Implementation
Team: Volodymyr
Status Channel: #status-desktop


  • Switched to new version of react-native
  • Corey found high severity bug that might also extend to react-native:
  • Volodymyr: it’s a dependency from Facebook react-native; I believe we will get rid of it when we change react-native desktop to another package. It won’t contain all react-native code, only desktop related, so the dependency should be removed from dev dependencies list.


Goal: The Wallet swarm focuses on the Wallet tab within Status, and related transaction actions throughout the app, such as in Chat with /send ETH 0.5.
Status: Implementation
Team: Goran, Nastya, Tanya, Denis, Rachel
Status Channel: #status-core-wallet


  • Redesign issues should be finalized this week
  • Thursday call will be prioritizing the next task


  • Looking at the software used
  • Can port development locally into dockers soon; will be using exactly the same tooling & versions from then on


  • Last week set up PivotalTracker project
  • Most common tests last week were release testing for internal release
    • Still in progress; waiting for Status-go update
    • Once done, will test battery consumption & performance testing
  • For automation, task to automate upgrade on Android
    • First upgrading empty account
    • Next step is to automate an upgrade with real data
  • As usual, updating test cases for new features
  • Repetitive tasks for nightly testingitive tasks for nightly testing

Design Roles & Responsibilities

Hester presented the Design team breakdown

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