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Status is excited to be a sponsor of TADHack Global 2018, happening 13-14 October across over 20 locations around the world. A hackathon unlike any other, TADHack helps educate about the latest Internet, IT and Telecoms technologies, and how to use a mashup of them to solve problems that matter.

Previous years' winners have included solutions that have helped refugees find lost family members, farmers irrigate their fields, keep online discussions civil, launch companies, help the homeless access affordable legal services, improve emergency aid distribution and more.

Supporting TadHack directly aligns with Status core principles of inclusivity, openness and resourcefulness. We believe in the mission of TADHack and our founder Carl Bennetts will be delivering the keynote to kick off the event!  

TADHack is for everyone

The hackers include a variety of people —coders, non-coders, and everyone in-between. It’s a unique mix no other event achieves and is an amazing opportunity to share Status outside the core Ethereum community, in line with our goal of mass adoption.

TadHack is an event where students, designers, product managers, IT Managers, coders, non-coders and visionaries collaborate on software projects. Occasionally, there is a hardware component—we’ve had some impressive IoT hacks over the years, including a robot dancing La Macarena using decentralized web technology.

Love Technology?

TADHack is for you. Every year TADHack Global is made possible thanks to hundreds of people around the world who love technology, and are excited by the democratization of technologies. They run locations because they want to educate, inspire, and make a difference in people’s lives and the communities they live in.

This year’s locations include:




Buenos Aires





Kuala Lumpur




Madrid (runs 5-6 October, as 12th October is Fiesta Nacional de España)





South Florida

Sri Lanka

Remote —from the comfort of your own home!

We’re excited to see some amazing hacks from around the world this year—good luck to all hackers—it’s going to be revolutionary.

Check out previous years’ hacks for inspiration:





Learn more about TADHack. Please register here at a location convenient for you or for TADHACK remote.

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