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Status x Gitcoin: Grants On The Go

Status x Gitcoin: Grants On The Go

With all the recent fast finance games we’ve been seeing in the DeFi space, we felt the need to make giving just as simple and quick as all the taking.

We are therefore excited to announce that we’re partnering with Gitcoin to make contributing to Grants on the go much easier. Starting with Round 7, Status is offering a smooth contribution flow to all grants in the round via the mobile app.

The Grants page is now highlighted and featured inside the Status browser, and contributing to grants is a few simple taps away. Contributions are also available in SNT so all native Status users and SNT holders will be able to support budding projects and help collectively grow the ecosystem. We will additionally help showcase successful grantees and share their journeys and project progress with their benefactors.

As part of our Grants collaboration, Status will also be committing a pool of funds to support upcoming rounds. We know building the decentralized future isn’t easy and we know it takes time, so we’re here to help in the best ways we can. The more talented devs building useful products, the more powerful Ethereum becomes!

Status has a history of supporting developers in their work by issuing rewards totalling 98.47 ETH across 194 bounties in the past two years. We currently rank #8 on Gitcoin’s all time organization leaderboard and more recently #5 in the weekly classifications. We very much look forward to expanding that support.

Grants on the Go

Gitcoin Grants has logged some impressive figures in its six rounds so far:

💰 $900k contributed across 10k contributions
👥 1.5k+ unique contributors
📝 500+ grants

But contributions on the go remain low, a mere ~30% of giving activity is currently happening through smartphone access. We hope the Status flow will not only boost mobile contributions but also overall support for the projects taking part in Round 7.

And the cherry on this delicious giving cake? We've got the Zksynch checkout working too so enjoy those L2 savings and expand your contribution.
*We are launching with smooth flow for iOS on both L1 & L2 checkout with a quick fix underway for Android - hopefully all GO for the week of Sept 21st.

Status x Gitcoin Partnership

Our two projects have had a working relationship for many years now and clearly share a passion for Ethereum development. Status has some of the highest developer activity and contributes at all layers of the Ethereum stack (Status, Nimbus, Vac, Embark, etc.) while Gitcoin have established themselves as the hub for blockchain development, decentralized work and public goods funding.
Joining forces to create better access to opportunity was a natural evolution in our ongoing collaboration.

Smooth smartphone access to Grants via Status is the first step in a much broader and multi faceted partnership and we’ll be able to share all the details soon!

Head to Round 7 and get your contributions in!

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