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Aave x Status: Sticker Design Competition

Aave x Status: Sticker Design Competition

To celebrate the launch of our Status x Aave partnership, we thought it would be a great idea to bring some sticker fun to the proceedings.

Introducing the Aave Community Sticker Design Competition starting today, Tuesday September 22nd 2020, with a prize pool of over 1,000 aUSDC & Keycards for winning submissions!

We love our sticker competitions as they are the perfect blend of creativity and capturing community spirit, especially when we run them in partnership with great projects. This Aave contest should be a great one, since the Aave team will be using the designs across all their comms channels - Discord, Telegram, Wechat - as well as within Status and in the Status Sticker Market. *Please make sure you are comfortable with this usage when entering the competition.

The Sticker Market enables users to have a bit of fun inside Status chat and create unique packs to recognize projects, people and special events. One of the best parts of the Status Sticker Market is its decentralized nature – anyone can create a pack, list a price (in SNT) and earn 100% of the profits from sales. Or Stickers can be made free for everyone to use and enjoy.

👥 WHO: Similar to previous Sticker Market Design Competitions, if you’re a person, then you qualify to participate in the competition. Unfortunately, US residents are not eligible on this occasion.*

💭 WHAT: A Sticker Design Competition is split up into two phases:

  • Phase 1 - Artists will create 1-5 sticker designs that capture the Aave spirit...Get it? 👻

    Artists will then share their designs on Twitter, tagging @ethstatus & @AaveAave and using #AavexStatus. Check out the winning designs from last year's Sticker Market competition #stickerheads for inspiration...
  • Phase 2 - The Aave team will select their top 10 designs and those will be moved on to a community vote in the Status Public Chat.

📍 WHERE: Artists will share their work to Twitter or the social media platform of their choosing using the hashtag #AavexStatus. Artists should also post links to the work in the public Status channel using #AavexStatus so the community can vote on them using the new native emoji reactions!

🗓️ WHEN:

  • Phase 1 - The contest submission begins Tuesday, September 22nd 2020, until a hard stop at 5pm CEST on Friday, October 2nd 2020.
  • Phase 2 - The panel of judges will select the top 10 designs and notify the 10 artists. Tuesday, October 6th the top 10 winners will be announced, and voting with in the Status Public Chat will begin. There will be a hard stop at 5pm CEST on Friday October 9th. Winners will be announced after the vote is finalized and artists have been contacted to receive their prizes!

Please ensure all sticker designs fit the following specs:

  • Supported file types are PNG, JPG/JPEG and GIF.
  • Background should be transparent.
  • Size is limited to 300kb (same as WeChat)
  • Square ratio

Stickers will not be available within the Sticker Market as individuals, they are only available as packs. Therefore. The winner will be asked to create the additional stickers to make up the Sticker Pack. Packs range in quantity from 5-30 sticker. In order to be the winner of the competition you’ll need to design the full set after the vote is complete.

For some inspiration, check out some of the amazing submissions from the T-Shirt competition here. Or have a look through some other popular sticker markets.

Prize Distribution

Prizes will be distributed to the 10 finalists as follows:

🏆 1st Place: $500 in aUSDC and a Keycard. Plus the winning sticker pack will be featured as the official Aave Sticker Pack in the Status App Sticker Market & will be used in all Aave community channels.

🥈 2nd place: $250 in aUSDC and a Keycard

🥉 3rd place: $150 in aUSDC and a Keycard

⭐ 4th: $60 in aUSDC

⭐ 5th: $40 in aUSDC

⭐ 6th - 10th place: $20 in aUSDC

*Bonus points for any @StaniKulechov features...👀

All submitting artists are encouraged to submit sticker packs to the Sticker Market at the conclusion of the contest. Information about submitting to the Sticker Market will be provided. All sticker pack revenue in the Status App goes directly to the artists who submit.

This is the first step in a broader Aave x Status partnership and more details will be available very soon!

*Full competition T&Cs here

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