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#Stickerheads – The Winners

#Stickerheads – The Winners

The #Stickerheads design competition has come to an end. Yet again we see the creativity and enthusiasm of the Status Community. We saw over 30 incredible submissions ranging from funny illustrations, awesome GIF’s, and powerful graphics truly representing the diversity of the ever growing community.

We couldn’t have done it without our super star guest judge Jon Perkins of Super Rare and Pixura (be sure to check out the recent beta launch on mainnet). The entire Crypto-Art community has come together to make this event an amazing journey and will continue it together!

While 1st place in this competition will be features as one of the first packs available in the Sticker Market when its is released, anyone is welcome to create packs and list them for sale when the seller feature is complete and released. Stay tuned for more!

A quick reminder, the competition was broken into 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 - Create 1-5 sticker designs that represents Status, the principles, or the Status community in any way you see fit. Share your designs on Twitter with the hashtag #StickerHeads.
  • Phase 2 - The top 5 designs from Phase 1 with the most “likes” and “retweets” on Twitter, and another top 5 chosen by our guest judge – Co-Founder of Super Rare and Pixura, Jon Perkins. Once designs are in, we will use the SNT Voting DApp to determine the community favorites from the top 10.

The SNT Voting DApp was a huge success. We saw 39 voters participate for a total of 6,830 votes and 3,971,532 SNT used.

And here are the winners

1st place: Cat Pack

29.25% of votes
Voters: 18
Total Votes: 1,998
Total SNT: 2,051,504

2nd place: Animated Cat

27.03% of votes
Voters: 17
Total Votes: 1,846
Total SNT: 1,176,228

3rd Place: Space Guys

21.95% of votes
Voters: 15
Total Votes: 1,499
Total SNT: 585,725

4th Place: Hackapack

9.74% of votes
Voters: 19
Total Votes: 665
Total SNT: 71,925

5th Place: Webcartoons

4.64% of votes
Voters: 11
Total Votes: 317
Total SNT: 34,079

6th Place: Whale Collection

3.67% of votes
Voters: 8
Total Votes: 251
Total SNT: 34,251

7th Place: StatusMan

1.9% of votes
Voters: 6
Total Votes: 130
Total SNT: 15,630

8th Place: Status Phone-man

0.85% of votes
Voters: 8
Total Votes: 58
Total SNT: 906

9th Place: MoonPack

0.61% of votes
Voters: 4
Total Votes: 42
Total SNT: 1,140

10th Place: Status Robots

0.35% of votes
Voters: 5
Total Votes: 24
Total SNT: 144

This competition was truly awesome and we are always impressed and amazed by the passion and creativity of the Status Community.

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