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#StickerHeads voting begins!

#StickerHeads voting begins!

After a flurry of amazing and creative design submissions for the upcoming Status sticker market the voting phase for #StickerHeads begins.

You can vote from Status or any web 3 enabled browser that holds SNT at this link starting today! The voting ends on Sunday, March 10th.

Jon Perkins chose his top 5 submissions as follows:

#1 Animated cat -

The creativity and motion of this one is great. ETH-powered cat floating in space with internal systems running on Status… what more do you need?

#2 Hackapack -

Awesome original characters! And this pack seems to cover a lot of sentiments; good for real world stickering.

#3 Space guys -

I like that a lot of thought and design went into creating this custom mascot for Status. Seems ready for a trip to the moon or maybe a visit from the future.

#4 Webcartoons -

What sticker collection is complete without a fully decentralized and peer-to-peer bunny!

#5 Whale collection -

The whale is one of the best metaphors in crypto– having a versatile whale sticker pack seems like an essential messaging toolkit.

The remaining 5 chosen by social media metrics timestamped at the end of phase 1 are as follows!

#6 Status robots - 43 retweets 75 likes

#7 Cat Pack - 12 retweets 45 likes

#8 Status phone-man - 18 retweets and 45 likes

#9 MoonPack - 11 retweets and 29 likes

#10 StatusMan - 15 retweets and 24 likes

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