I've written down some raw notes about the swarm conference in Ljubljana and the talks there - the swarm team did a really great job putting this event together!

Some highlights that I think are relevant for Status / Research:

  • a big rewrite of swarm is nearly done and working well - consider it a different product almost - will need redeployment.
  • PSS is really interesting from a messaging perspective as a potential replacement for Whisper.
  • a network simulation framework has been developed, which can be used for P2P simulations and tests.
  • ethergit - git storage on swarm - allows secure pushing through customizable blockchain contract.
  • nucypher reencryption framework interesting for solving group chat.
  • mutable resources on swarm - a way to negotiate updates to a single resource meaning that for example a chat log could be stored there, maybe.
  • there was a talk about automating blockchain node deployments with redhat openshift.
  • swap/swear/swindle framework really interesting - can be used to collect payments in desktop version from mobile users.