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Status Town Hall #26 - January 21, 2019

Status Town Hall #26 - January 21, 2019

The team is focused on the delivering the SNT Utility use cases outlined in the white paper. The dedicated swarms present their progress in the latest edition of the Status Town Hall and we also get a detailed update on Keycard as the team prepares for the launch of the smartcards.

Crypto Compensation Survey

Jarrad sent an email inquiring if the core contributors would be willing to be paid entirely in crypto? This is useful information as Status moves towards a DAO in 2019.

Of the people who allowed Jarrad to share the data:

  • 67% ready to accept crypto!
  • France, Poland, Ukraine and Russia crypto-climates raise most concerns
  • You can login to BambooHR and set your fiat/crypto % split

SWARM Updates

As mentioned above, the team is heads down and focused on delivering the SNT Use Cases outlined in the white paper. Overviews of each swarm will be posted fortnightly after each Core-Dev Call (latest recap can be found here

Network Incentivisation

Research and develop framework and incentivization structure for people deploying and using Status nodes according to the whitepaper.

Status Channel: #316-core-network-incentives

Tribute to Talk

The Tribute to Talk swarm will deliver SNT based anti-spam mechanisms in accordance with the white paper. It allows individuals to monetize their time and attention by setting minimum required deposits to message them.

Status Channel: #314-tribute-to-talk

Sticker Market

Stickers are a must-have for any messenger, particularly with Asian markets in mind. The goal of the Status sticker market is two-fold:

  1. Allow users to buy and use stickers in chat using SNT.
  2. Allow creators to sell stickers permissionlessly through a curated marketplace, for SNT.

Status Channel: #313-sticker-market

DApp Store

The DApp Store swarm will deliver SNT based curation mechanisms in accordance with the white paper. Our first goal is to build the store as a web DApp and design it in such a way that it solves our first few user stories about being able to navigate the store easily, discover new DApps, and have an up-to-date list of DApps that are currently popular/being used.

Status Channel: #317-dapp-store

Core Improvements

Status Core Improvements swarm's goal is the preparation of Status Mobile Client to be released publicly (AppStore/GP release tracks).

Status Channel: #status-core

Protocol Research

This swarm will research and develop a set of open protocols that is a reflection of our our principles. This set of protocols will as a whole enable the implementation of the Status whitepaper, and similar use cases, through various clients. Part of the effort will be about selecting existing protocols and standards, when appropriate, and part of it will be about developing new protocols to meet our needs. Initial focus is on providing an anonymous communication protocol, which is developed in conjunction with other teams in the Web3 / secure communication space.

Status Channel: #status-protocol


Keycard is moving towards its production release. The team is making great progress and Guy-Louise provides a detailed update on all aspects including, KeycardAPI, production and costs, branding, marketing, and details on whisper and wallet key decoupling

Status Channels:


See slides 14 - 31 in the slides presentation