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V1.6 Release – The Start of an Android Referral Program & Bug Fixes

V1.6 Release – The Start of an Android Referral Program & Bug Fixes

Status v1.6 introduces some bug fixes, and the start of a privacy preserving referral service on Android.

Status has made significant strides in usability in the previous releases – you can invite your friends, send images, audio messages, react with emojis, find people with shared interests and discuss the latest in crypto and the world at large. You can access the growing ecosystem of DApps, transact with DeFi, and manage your ETH and ERC20 tokens all from your mobile device.

Like most networks that are social, all of this becomes 10x more fun with more people, more conversations, more topics, more friends, more dapps. Community members, influencers along with other networks and web3 projects can all play an important role in making this a reality; spreading the word of Status and our growing community.

That’s why we’ve developed a referral service, which acts as a go-between to protect user privacy, while fostering the growth of the ecosystem. It is important to note, that this is the first iteration of the program, and further - an exploration of the Acquisition Engine mentioned in the Status White Paper. Feedback and improvements are welcome; this first experiment is available only on Android and only in some countries, and we expect its privacy guarantees will continue to improve over time.

Also, this first version is designed for influencers and networks; the next iteration will introduce a means for anyone to refer and earn. So stay tuned for version 1.7

In the name of total transparency, here are some details

Ground Rules

  • Opt-in only
  • No personal data goes to influencers or networks
  • Absolute minimum use of identifiable information to prevent abuse and adhere to legal requirements

How does it work

As mentioned above, this iteration is designed to test the Acquisition Engine with influencers and networks. Essentially, a referral service detects attributions to an influencer or network through those who visit a Referral URL.

There are 3 moments of tracking to be aware of as a participant in the program.

  • Clicking on a referral url on the web
  • Installing and onboarding through Google Play Store
  • Opt-in to participate in the referral program and attribute the referrer. If you opt-in, Status records your IP address. The IP address is stored and is removed after 7 days. This record is never shared with influencers or networks.

Update in the App or Playstore if you do not have auto updates enabled.

The APK available is here.

For the full changelog, see our Github


  • Attribute a referrer when installing and onboarding to the app using a Referral URL


  • Mark 1:1 messages as seen (Badge kept reappearing when tapping ‘Add as contact’)
  • Crash on iOS when device passcode is switched off and ‘Save password’ is enabled inside the app

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