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V1.7 Release - iOS Notifications, Mentions, Nicknames & More

V1.7 Release - iOS Notifications, Mentions, Nicknames & More

Building a messaging app that lives up to the strict privacy and security standards of the Status community is no easy feat. Status had to rethink the implementation of some seemingly standard features in order to adhere to our principles. Version 1.7 introduces a novel approach to iOS notifications as well as mentions on both iOS and Android – both iOS notifications and mentions are in beta and are actively being monitored.

The goal of v1.7 is to make Status more enjoyable. Which is why this release includes a host of other updates that are all about making it easier for you to recognize people and addresses. Status uses the infamous animal random names by default to provide pseudo-anonymity. While your best friend might be the ‘Trusting Honeydew Panda’ you can now give them a nickname to recognize them.

Sending transactions got easier with the new feature to save and select favorite addresses. A safeguard will warn you when sending funds to a contract to prevent loss of funds.

Also, this release allows you to invite your friends and family to group chats with group chat invite links.

Finally, version 1.7 introduces a bunch of new tokens in the default token list including UNI, COMP, BAL, AKRO, OXT, aUSDC as well as some minor changes and fixes. See the full list of what has been added, changed, and fixed below.

Update in the App Store or Google Play if you do not have auto updates enabled.

The APK available is here.


  • (Remote) Notifications on iOS
  • Mentions (Beta)
  • Local nicknames
  • Wallet address selection (favorites, contacts, recent)
  • Private group chat invite links
  • Warning when attempting to send a transaction to a contract
  • New tokens: UNI, COMP, BAL, AKRO, OXT, aUSDC
  • Collapse long messages for more readible threads


  • Removed the ability to enable using Whisper instead of Waku


  • Upgrade phishing detection library
  • Decimal rounding when using ‘Set max’
  • ENS resolving for IPNS names
  • SUPR support for old and new token contract

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