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Welcome to our People Ops blog

Welcome to our People Ops blog

Nice to meet you!

We're Ceri, Stef, and Jonathan, and we'll be sharing news and updates from Status's People Ops (or HR) team.

How we got here

Prior to Status, Ceri and Stefania worked together in the HR team at another fully-distributed and open source organization. Jonathan worked in People Operations at Google, primarily focused on recruiting & growth.

How we work

Currently, there’s no division in who handles what within our People Ops team. We collaborate fluidly on tasks in a way that there’s no clear line on where one person’s contribution begins and another’s ends. We love this way of working! Putting multiple minds to one task and advancing ideas based on consensus helps solve problem with a broader perspective.

We're also planning to start bringing more of our brainstorming out in the open so that the wider community can participate in it - if they’re interested of course. This mirrors how Status as a broader organization works. Work gets done on the basis of good ideas, not job titles, and having a multitude of diverse points of view participating in discussions will bring the best results.

We're looking forward to sharing more with you. Stay tuned for our next update on defining People Ops in a decentralized organization :)

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