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v0.9.33 Mobile Release - Privacy mode by default

v0.9.33 Mobile Release - Privacy mode by default

We’re back in action! After a pause for the holidays and a transition back that saw us release 4 small updates to v.0.9.32, we’ve got a brand new mobile version for you.

This release is a big one.

First, we’ve made significant improvements to log-in, yielding a 10x increase in log-in speed. Android users will also be pleased to find a “Save password until logout” toggle to match iOS. This will save you significant time on launch of the app.

Push notifications are improved by a number of fixes, including opening to the appropriate chat and no longer exposing your language settings to recipients using a different language than your own.

Because of these fixes, anyone using an older version of the app will not receive notifications from users on v.0.9.33. Furthermore, iOS users will not receive push notifications while the app is closed, nor if they are on certain iOS versions (11.X). This is a known and temporary issue.

Browser privacy mode is now enabled by default. This means that DApps will be required to ask permission before connecting to your wallet, and it may cause some DApps to break. If you find a DApp isn’t working, you can go to your profile screen and toggle privacy mode off. In many cases, this should fix the issue.

We’re hopeful that more and more DApp developers will be up to speed with this new convention soon.

Device pairing is no longer hidden under development mode. Visit the device section on your profile screen to “Pair this device” and sync messages and contacts from your phone to desktop. You can also name your devices to track which you’ve paired.

For the full list of changes, see below.


  • Device pairing and naming
  • “Save password until logout” for Android
  • New DApps including Aragon and Dragonereum
  • BUFF token for ETHDenver
  • Titles and favicons in browser
  • Support for EIP1577, multihash interface for ENS names


  • Privacy mode enabled by default
  • Log-in time improved 10x
  • Private group chats limited to 10 members
  • Connectivity loading indicator no longer appears as “Fetching messages”
  • Chat bubble width increased
  • Ethereum provider consistent with EIP1193
  • Upgraded styling for group chats


  • Metadata leakage of language settings in push notifications
  • Push notifications failing to open chat
  • Loading indicator in browser
  • Results displaying properly in Etheroll
  • Issues with extensions installation
  • Wrong password handling

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