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Beta Update 0.9.27 - EthBerlin Ready

Beta Update 0.9.27 - EthBerlin Ready

The 0.9.27 release includes a number of enhancements for ETHBerlin — 60 commits with 194 files changed from 16 contributors!

It also brings a huge improvement by introducing an option to remember passwords on iOS, eliminating the need to login several times a day.


  • Added BRLN coin #5582
  • Added SuperRare token support #5496
  • Setting to remember login passwords iOS
  • ENS username resolution in Chat for stateofus.eth usernames (testnet only)


  • Updated address
  • Update status-go to v0.13.1


Known Issues

We are aware of an issue where incoming token transactions are not shown in the transaction history screen even though the transaction is completed successfully.

Ready to update to 0.9.27?

  • iOS: Within TestFlight, make sure you see Version 0.9.27 and tap ‘INSTALL’
  • Android: If you are not automatically asked to update, go to in the PlayStore and click ‘Update’


In the next release, 0.9.28, we plan to include a change fixing invalid key derivation from a master key in some edge cases. We estimated that this bug should not affect more than 1% of all users. More can be found here:

When 0.9.28 is Released

We recommend recovering an account from the mnemonic phrase in the Status app and verifying that your address is the same as in the old account. If not, it means that your old account is affected and assets should be transferred to the new account.

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