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#CommuniTEE Closes, voting begins!

#CommuniTEE Closes, voting begins!

We are absolutely blown away and thrilled by the amazing amount of passion, enthusiasm and just downright fun everyone has had during this competition. In total there were over 100 T-shirt design submissions that you can check out here.

Now the real fun begins, decisions and more debauchery. Jessica Angel from the #ArtProject has done a helluva job meticulously picking these top ten; 5 from each category for everyone to vote on. Here's how you can get involved, we've got different ways to vote that are each worth different points, at the end the design with the most votes for will win, one per category. The points structure is as follows: Likes = 1 point; Retweets = 2 points and Votes at ETHBerlin (must be at the event to participate) are weighted at 3.

Voting starts right now and will end september 14th at 4:00 PM CEST; even better if you participate we'll be selecting 20 random people for the winning t-shirts to be shipped out to show your #ProofOfWear so make sure to voice your opinion on the tweets and like/retweet.

Status Category: Here are the finalists, and to recap what it should cover - a design meant to showcase the Status brand / values

Dat Crypto Culture Category: Here are the finalists, and to recap what it should cover - a design meant to encapsulate the culture of the larger crypto community.

Winning individuals will be contacted through twitter to confirm details for payment. SNT/USD will be timestamped at the end of voting on Sept. 14th.

Get involved to show your #ProofOfWear and have a chance by liking / retweeting to receive one of the shirts at your doorstep!

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