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Ethmagicians Call for EIPs & Interoperability

Ethmagicians Call for EIPs & Interoperability

The Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians Council of Prague is coming up ahead of DevCon4, as the third gathering that started just at the beginning of the year at EthCC in Paris, with a summer session in Berlin.

This week we hit the initial max registration of 150 people for the Council of Prague event, and have turned on a waitlist. Please do add yourself, we're making plans to be able to host more people. As well as our dedicated council day on October 29th, we're lucky enough to be co-located with the Status Hackathon from October 26th to the 28th, who are our Venue Sponsors and hosts.

EIPs and Interoperability

Ethereum Improvement Proposals, or EIPs, are how the Ethereum community collaborates on technical standards. Some of them are very low level, affecting the entire Ethereum network and requiring a hard fork to roll out. Others improve compatibility and usability, like token standards or QR code URL patterns, and require education and adoption to get baked into clients and templates.

Creating, evolving, and learning how to collaborate on these technical standards is one of the core missions of the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians, or @EthMagicians for short.

I'll be helping to run the EIPs and Interoperability track. We're gathering the Ethereum and decentralized web community to work together on standards and interoperability with code, mentoring, and white boards.

This group is there to work on design patterns, technical standards, and getting their code to work together. Along the way, we'll be taking notes, mentoring the other hack participants, and arguing passionately about the right solution ;)

We'll be working alongside the hackathon participants, but will be looking to produce working code and getting standards implemented between different clients, dapps, and wallets. Another output will be briefing notes to share and disseminate at the Council meeting and the community beyond.

How to Get Involved

  1. Make sure you're registered for the Status Hackathon
  2. Find your tribe! Find the list of people & projects that are planning EIPs and interoperability

Anyone involved in building products & systems (UX, design, research, etc.) is welcome, but these will be working / hacking / designing sessions.

You can also look at what Rings are gathering at the Council itself.

Community Magic ✨

Thanks to Andy Tudhope for some great words that talk about the magic that we're all working on:

What is really magical about technologies like Bitcoin and Ethereum? Is it the ability they give us to run code without needing to trust one party? Is it the brute, but mind-blowing, fact of a shared computational resource that produces deterministic outputs according to a set of consensus rules agreed to across the planet? Is it the fact that I can walk across any border in the world with twelve words stored nowhere but my own mind, incant them in a specific order into an internet connected machine, and gain unmediated access to value?

Or is the people building it all? The community which gives meaning to our shared consensus dreams?

- Andy Tudhope, Magic Internet People, Status

See you in Prague! 🇨🇿

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