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SITG experiment #1 - Status intense micro adoption!

SITG experiment #1 - Status intense micro adoption!

Risk and reward: If you succeed in reaching the desired outcome, you get the equivalent of $1000 from me as an individual entity. If you fail, you pay me $100. The game is on! We have $12k equivalent funded from three funders (including Status funds matching) and 11 stakers risking a proportional amount.

Originally posted to Discuss September 11, 2018

SITG stands for Skin In The Game.

Background information on incentivization of outcomes.

Desired outcome: 80% of core contributors use Status every day by October 22, before Devcon4.

Goodbye Slack, Hello Status!


  1. Initial period and agreement: This week, ending September 16, will be used as a a week to accept people submitting initial funding and taking accountability of this specific outcome. Once agreement is reached, the terms will be considered active.
  2. More funders: If more funders want to sign up, please indicate in this thread. For simplicity I suggest using the same terms and ratio of 10:1.
  3. More accountable people: If more people decide to take responsibility of this outcome, risk and reward will be split accordingly. For simplicity's sake, a maximum of 3 people will be accepted.
  4. Negotiation: If you desire or have suggestions for specific changes in terms, please indicate so. For simplicity sake, there's a strong preference of using these terms, so it's more likely simple clarifications will be accepted as opposed to completely new ideas of how to approach this. Of course, you are free to post your own challenge and I encourage you to do so.
  5. Measurement: On Monday October 22, 2018 use a poll of random sample of Status core contributors (say, 20 out of 100) to get a statistically significant yes to the following question:
Did you use Status (mobile or desktop) every work day the previous week?
  1. Pay out and partial acceptance: If you reach 80% you are paid $1000, if you reach 50% or more I'll pay out the equivalent of $500, if you fail to reach 50% you pay me $100.
  2. In case of disputes: a poll, to the agreement of both parties, will be posted where Status core contributors can vote on whether the payout should be accepted or not.
  3. Pay out and valuation: Equivalent of $1000 in SNT on Monday 22, to be paid out before end of October.

What you can do now

  1. Take responsibility for the desired outcome
  2. Provide additional funds

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