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Security is one of the core principles which guides all our architecture decisions, and the design of our user experience. We have a full team of core contributors working hard to develop a hardware wallet for those of our users that want the extra security of separating their mobile wallet and their secrets. This hardware wallet isolates the user's private keys into the safety of the hardware wallet, which is kept offline by nature.

The status hardwallet, in the form of a NFC contactless card, offers state-of-the art physical security (CC EAL5+ criteria against physical attacks) to store the user's crypto-assets (ETH, SNT, ERC-20 or ERC-721 tokens).

With a simple tap on the mobile, the hardware wallet (which is protected by a PIN code) allows an easy login into the Status application and the signing of transactions to send crypto-assets or interacting with your favorite dApp.

This light version of our hardware wallet is a fully open source project. You can check our repos here, and our swarm here. It will be launched to be used with our Android Status application, since iOS has not opened (yet !) the full NFC capabilities on iPhones.

See our weekly meeting wrap from 25/09 up here

Request early access to the Status Hardwallet.

We are extremely excited to bring this product to life:

  • auditing the security (we’re working with an external company for this)
  • integrating the hard wallet experience with our android client
  • sourcing the right card manufacturer
  • and designing the full user experience, which you can watch happening in realtime in the embedded figma design player below:

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