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This Is Not A Launch Post

This Is Not A Launch Post

It’s part of an ongoing party! A decentralised, digital party where we all get to dream up better and more collaborative ways of playing games with one another. Here are the salient facts:

  1. A new version of Discover is available.
  2. The focus is on useful, usable, and mobile-optimised DApps.
  3. It’s a fully functional DApp itself, and depends on a new kind of bonded curve contract to construct a ranking game that is transparent and fair.

We’re giving away 1000 SNT to the first 50 DApps that apply which

  1. Are mobile-optimised,
  2. Easy to use, and
  3. Work in Status

All you need do is visit and follow the instructions for submitting a DApp. We have made this as simple and easy as possible - it requires just four, quick steps:

  1. Read an explanation about how the bonded curve maths really works.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions - they’re in a style you can actually understand!
  3. Add your metadata: Name, URL, description, image and category.
  4. Stake SNT and publish the DApp into Discover.

It should take you less than 5 minutes, if you read the first 2 screens.

In order to be eligible for 1000 SNT prize, you need to stake at least 1 SNT on your DApp. If you are in the first 50 to stake 1 or more SNT to rank in Discover, and you pass review, you will see another 1000 SNT added to your rank, courtesy of an upvote from the people behind Discover. Even if your DApp is already in the list with "0" ranking, please submit your most up-to-date version, and start the staking yourself.

It’s as easy as that, and no-one is in control, we’re all just playing a new kind of curation game. Come and join the fun...

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