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0.11.0 Mobile Release - New Navigation

0.11.0 Mobile Release - New Navigation

Download 0.11.0 and you'll notice one thing right away: we have a new navigation!

The home screen has been split into two tabs: Chats & DApps. From the chat view, you'll find the option to start or join a new chat has moved from the top right corner to bottom center.

The DApp list also looks slightly different. We've done away with separate screens for each DApp. Once you navigate to a URL, you'll find that your browser history appears under a Recent section at the top.

This is the first phase of bigger improvements to come, so we'd love to hear your feedback in Status.

We've also made preparations for the impending Chaos Unicorn Day in this release.

Reminder: On April 1st, we'll experiment with eliminating all centralized, third party services from Status, including our own node clusters. To safeguard from the chaos, we've prepared a guide for you.


  • Etherman DApp
  • New extensions features integrated within Status for developers: multiple event support and local event querying


  • New bottom navigation: chats & DApps separated
  • Improved UI performance


  • Universal link to public chat bug
  • Beta warning popup
  • DApp offline error
  • Bug with QR code scanner for custom bootnodes
  • Error message when entering an incorrect custom mailserver

Ready to update to 0.11.0?


Within TestFlight, make sure you see version 0.11.0 and tap ‘INSTALL.’

If you don’t currently have Status installed, access via TestFlight here:


If you are not automatically asked to update, go to in the PlayStore and click ‘Update.’

For more information, please join us in Status.

We're more than happy to answer your questions and help you out.

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