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v1.18 - Binance, ENS, Reliability & Syncing

v1.18 - Binance, ENS, Reliability & Syncing

Status moves ever forward, bringing privacy and secure communication to all. The core team has toiled to bring together a big release: more reliability in several dimensions, support for Binance Smart Chain and ENS tokens, "Online" status indicator, and several fixes.

Binance, ENS, xDAI

By popular request, Binance is now supported directly (doesn't have to be added as a custom network). ENS tokens are also now directly supported. Some people reported an issue with xDAI network fee calculations, this has also been resolved.

Better Message Reliability

Who says decentralized software is unstable? Not us. Messages can now be sent while offline (and will propagate when back online). Handling of messages under spotty wifi (or device battery) is now more robust, as is loading received messages.

Device Pairing/Sync Improvements

Status across devices is better than ever. The Activity Center now syncs across devices, so duplicate notifications will be a nuisance of the past. "Read" messages are also synced across devices.

Performance & UX

V1.18 also makes some improvements to the overall Status experience. Users can now use ENS names owned by imported wallets. Contacts can be backed up and restored through Waku.

Update in the App Store or Google Play if you do not have auto updates enabled.

The APK available is here.

For the full changelog, see Github.


  • Online status indicator (details)
  • Add possibility to select wallet for ENS names (details)
  • Bug reporting and logs sharing improvements (details)
  • Backup contacts via Waku (details)
  • Added ENS token (details)
  • Add Binance Smart chain (details)
  • Added custom network symbol (details)


  • Show loading until all messages are processed (details)
  • More robust message confirmations handling (details)
  • Allow sending messages when offline (details)
  • Notification in activity centre now sync across devices (details)
  • Sync read messages across devices (details)
  • Network fee on xDai chain (details)
  • Support tx history (in a way) when on BSC chains (details)
  • Remove POA network from the list (details)
  • Simplify Keycard onboarding by using defaults for pairing password (details)
  • Use react-native-fast-image for stickers (details)


  • Fix activity center community invite preview (details)
  • Missing notifications for some contacts (details)
  • Fixes scrolling issues on the ‘Max priority fee’ bottom sheet (details)
  • Handle Keycard timeout on iOS 15 (details)
  • Allow user to be reinvited to the same group after leaving (details)
  • Fix for “TypeError: Network request failed” when switching to Goerli network (details)
  • Fix for Spin of death on adding custom NFT token contract (details)
  • Changing screen orientation results in breaking images / layout (details)

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