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v1.20 - Wallet Connect & Mutual Contact Requests

v1.20 - Wallet Connect & Mutual Contact Requests

Status v1.20 introduces experimental support for mutual contact requests, Wallet Connect support, performance improvements, and a lot of bug fixes.

We stay true to our principles while evolving. Transparency and Openness are the tools for communication and decentralized decision-making.

We are excited to announce that this is the last feature release of the Status Mobile app in it's version 1.x incarnation. After many years of development, enhancements and bugfixes, we are laying the old Status Mobile UI to rest.

Subsequent to this release, all of our development efforts will be fully focused on getting the new fully redesigned Status mobile 2.0 app ready to launch. This redesigned Status Mobile 2.0 will include the Status Communities group chat functionality and a all-new wallet designed and built for multi-chain from the ground up. This is in addition to a completely refreshed user experience that aims to start delivering on the Status' original "Super App" vision.

Check out the major updates of v1.20.

Wallet Connect Support

Status now supports Wallet Connect to sign transactions from your mobile while using dApps on your desktop.

Wallet Connect 2.0 is now using Waku 2.0 under the hood to relay messages in a decentralized manner among their relay nodes.

Experimental Support for Mutual Contact Requests

With v1.20 you can enable a feature called mutual contacts.  With this feature enabled, if you would like to add somebody as a contact, you will need to send them a contact request (and they will also need to accept your contact request) or visa versa.  

With mutual contacts enabled, DM messaging is only possible between users who have consented to become contacts with each other. This mechanism prevents DM spam because only people who you have consented to be mutual contacts with can send you DMs.  

At any point you (or a person who has agreed to be a contact with you) can change your/their mind and stop being a mutual contacts, which would end both of your ability to DM each other. If you decline a contact request, the Status profile that sent the contact request is blocked from sending you another contact requests (to prevent 'contact request' spam).  

Therefore, it is recommended to include a message when sending somebody a contact request so that the other user knows why they should accept your request to become a mutual contact. Of course you can always change your mind and decide to accept a contact request that you previously declined at a later date.

Mutual contacts is the first step in introducing a range of different trust levels, all under your control, so you can choose your level of interactions with other Status users.

Performance Improvements

The navigation between screens and chat loading time when opening a chat have been faster. Also, issues with heavy images have been fixed.

Improvement in Syncing Multiple Devices

v1.20 also improved syncing contact requests, profile pictures, bookmarks, blocked users, and generated/watch-only wallets.

ENS Redistribution Notification Banner

The banner shows up for every user installing v1.20. It calls on users that have registered a stateofus.eth name to collect redistributed $ENS. We've received positive feedback on the redistribution, but there is a significant amount of $ENS yet to be collected. Please note that the ENS redistribution will be available until 11 PM, 5 Oct 2022 (UTC).

Update in the App Store or Google Play if you do not have auto updates enabled.

The APK available is here.

The F-Droid release is here.

For the full changelog, see Github.



  • Improve notifications life-cycle (details)
  • Simpledapp on Goerli (details)
  • Include share action on longpress image menu (details)
  • Fast image loading indicator (details)
  • Long time (5-15 sec) for loading chat messages (details)
  • Remove legacy dependency on mailserver password (details)
  • Wallet sync for generated accounts (details)
  • Update all settings on pairing with a new wallet account with (details)
  • Improve ethereum.send (details)
  • Quo2, Switcher Navigation (details)
  • Switcher and Bottom Tabs Animations and UI Performance Improvements (details)
  • Icon-avatar component (details)
  • Wallet user avatar component (details)
  • Reply component in chat input & quoted messages redesign (details)
  • Wallet redesign (details)
  • Add status-tags component (details)
  • Chat views redesign (details)
  • Implementation of React Native Blur view for android (details)


  • Fix screen orientation on android (details)
  • Don't unmute contact while adding (details)
  • Fix chat image long press issue (details)
  • Timeline images stretch off screen (details)
  • Proper message after clearing history in pubchat (details)
  • Fix opening of the last shown chat with local notifications (details)
  • Fix handling of favourits syncing (details)
  • Fix sync devices sortings (details)
  • Fix syncing of adding contact after removal (details)
  • Fix for ENS warning showing on custom domains (details)
  • Fix can't share deep link from profile on ios (details)
  • Fix sending logs from iOS (details)
  • Fix #13642 : Cannot sign in on (details)
  • Fix #13493 : Can not switch to xDai chain (details)
  • Fix bookmarks not syncing (details)
  • Set max option not work when send from qrcode (details)
  • Fix #13835 : Generate keys button (details)
  • Fix disappearing of the last notification when paired (details)
  • Fix #13766 : custom networkid (details)
  • Fix #13416 : resize image in status-go as well, alert user if fails (details)
  • Fix #13181 : Cannot delete images or audio messages (details)

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