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0.9.28 — Important Wallet Bug Fix

0.9.28 — Important Wallet Bug Fix

Remember to check your wallet address before you upgrade! Version 0.9.28 includes a change that may impact any funds you store in your Status wallet. This is an edge case and we estimate it will only impact ~1% of Status accounts. While there is a very small chance that your account will be impacted, we have outlined steps below for you to mitigate any potential disruptions to your use of Status. More detail can be found here.

If you keep any funds in your Status wallet, please read the following carefully to ensure nothing is lost in the update!

  • Check your wallet address before you update to v.0.9.28
  • When you update to v.0.9.28, recover your account using your mnemonic phrase.
  • Verify your wallet address is the same as in the previous version. In 99% of upgrades the wallet address will be the same.
  • If the wallet address is different, it means that your old account was affected and you will be logged into the new account
  • To access your funds you will need to logout and login to the original account and transfer the funds to your new address.

You can follow these steps:

  • Go to Profile, tap logout
  • Login to the original account
  • Transfer funds to your new wallet address
  • If you are unable to upgrade (due to using an old version, or not having access to a current build) or have already upgraded and been affected, we recommend installing 0.9.27 using your mnemonic phrase and password and transferring assets to your new wallet address.

Here is a example scenario:

Let's say you have address A1. You upgrade, and you still have it. Then you try to recover with your 12 words and same password.

  • If you are not affected, you just end up logged into the only account you have.
  • If you are affected, a new account is created and you are logged in in this new account A2.
  • If you log out you will see A1, with your funds, and A2 without anything. Follow the steps above to transfer funds to your new wallet address

More updates, changes and fixes

Release Notes


  • Animations between screens with React Navigation.
  • Status now supports the iOS “back” gesture
  • Added Polish, Korean, Russian, Chinese, and Latin American Spanish translations
  • ENS resolution support in wallet
  • ENS domain resolution in browser
  • Browser phishing detection
  • Universal link QR scanner API


  • Realm database is now encrypted with user password
  • Numbers can now be used when creating public chat channels
  • Improved signing message text box display
  • Changed the balance tilde colour
  • Web3 opt-in updates
  • Updated Status-go
  • Mnemonic key derivation in edge cases
  • Disallow decimal wei value for gas price
  • Updated react-native to 0.56


  • Push notifications now work with recovered accounts
  • Fixed issues when adding custom bootnodes and networks
  • Improve amount validation for /send and /request commands
  • Fixed errors when no currency selectedFixed unread counter disappearing after app restart
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips were cropped

After this release Status will pause mobile updates for a few weeks while we focus on Status Desktop (see living our principles), and will resume again before Devcon.

Ready to update to 0.9.28?


Within TestFlight make sure you see Version 0.9.28 and tap ‘INSTALL’


If you are not automatically asked to update, go to in the PlayStore and click ‘Update’

For more information, please join us in Status or Riot

We're more than happy to answer your questions and help you out.

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