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Join me in welcoming BlockParty to Status Incubate

Join me in welcoming BlockParty to Status Incubate

Ethereum-powered event management DApp newest to the Incubate family

I’m very excited to welcome BlockParty to Status Incubate today. Led by long-time Ethereum developer and community member Makoto Inoue, BlockParty is building a one-of-a-kind event management DApp.

An open-source project (BlockParty on GitHub), BlockParty gives event planners and community organizers a decentralized solution to the problem of overenrolled, under-attended events.

Solving the problem of no-shows

Since we launched Status Incubate early this year, we’ve learned about many worthy projects.

With strong technical expertise and vision for bringing people together, BlockParty is unique in its approach to events and its application of smart contracts and behavioral economics.

“We’re solving a real problem with Ethereum,” said Makoto. “Because who likes showing up at an event to discover that most people who RSVP’d aren’t there? Unlike traditional event planning software, BlockParty creates a built-in incentive for attendance. It’s a solution we wouldn’t have been able to create even a few years ago; Ethereum makes BlockParty development possible.”

Prior to BlockParty, Makoto founded a developer-focused London Ethereum study group and began building a prototype for what would become BlockParty. Soon, the prototype was in use at DevCon2 and DevCon3. With his co-founders Jeff Lau and Ramesh Nair, Makoto sees BlockParty as a DApp with the potential for broad adoption.

Here’s how it works: BlockParty requires people who register for an event to make a small ETH deposit. If they don’t attend the event, they lose their deposit. Once the event is over, any ETH lost due to non-attendance is distributed to those who attended. An elegant solution to a widespread challenge, we believe BlockParty and the BlockParty team offer a valuable Ethereum-powered application.

BlockParty is the third project selected for Status Incubate following CryptoStrikers and Pixura. We remain dedicated to investing our time and talents into promising decentralized projects.

If you’re an ambitious blockchain entrepreneur with an amazing vision and a unique product idea, apply to Status Incubate.

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