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Pixura Welcomed into Status Incubate as our Second Incubatee

Pixura Welcomed into Status Incubate as our Second Incubatee

Pixura is developing a protocol for digital asset ownership with the aim to empower creators and decentralize control of the Internet’s lifeblood, digital content.

Following the induction of CryptoStrikers 2 months ago, Status Incubate is happy to announce that we’ve selected our next incubatee: Pixura, a protocol for digital content ownership on Ethereum.

Their first initiative, SuperRare, is a social platform for discovering artists and collecting digital art. So, how does SuperRare work? First, artists issue their works as single edition, blockchain-backed digital assets on Ethereum. Collectors can then discover new artists, and purchase their works via cryptographically secure, peer-to-peer transactions.


But make no mistake, what SuperRare offers is far more than just taking the model of the existing art world, and putting it on the blockchain. What’s different about SuperRare’s approach is that the purchase of artwork provides ongoing revenue for the artist, as well.

Today, galleries, agents, auction houses, and other middlemen in the art ecosystem reap the benefits of an art object’s ever-increasing value, but the artist doesn’t see a penny of that. In fact, the creator of a work of art is divorced from all future value that their work generates, right after their first sale.

SuperRare changes all of that. It allows for a new kind of patronage; one where collectors can discover new artists, and build a mutually-beneficial relationship with them. SuperRare ensures that artists receive a cut every time their work changes hands. This new blockchain-enabled model represents a profound evolution of the economy around digital art — one where everyone wins.

Following the breakout success of DApps like CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks, it’s clear that there’s already a ripe market for crypto-collectibles, but what impressed us most with Pixura is how extensible the platform is, beyond the organization’s current digital focus. Not only is Pixura a complete platform for unique digital assets, it can easily support the trade of tokenized physical assets as well, using the Ethereum blockchain for a permanent, transparent verification of any asset’s origin, authenticity, ownership, and price history. Pixura’s vision is to harness the powers of decentralization and digital scarcity provided by the blockchain, and foster a new ecosystem based on true digital ownership and interoperable, sovereign assets.

With Pixura’s strong founding team, domain expertise, and clear vision for the decentralized future — as well as their place within it — the organization was a natural fit for Status Incubate. We couldn’t be happier to welcome them into the fold, and are very excited to support an organization that shares our core vision of using Web3 technology to create a more open and equitable world. Learn more about Pixura

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